operation beautiful

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Hey everyone!

All day I have been thinking that today is Wednesday.  I’m not sure why…maybe it’s just wishful thinking:)

Have you heard of Operation Beautiful?  I just recently started reading Caitlin’s blog, and I think what she is doing is amazing!  So, today I decided to take part!

As you guys know, I’m a high school teacher.  So, I snuck in the bathroom this morning before school and left these.  I tried to stick them on the inside of the stall door, but they wouldn’t stick! ha!  So, the bottom one ended up on the toilet paper dispenser.  oops.  I’m hoping that won’t taint the message:)

This totally made my day, and I think I just might start making a habit of it!

And speaking of beautiful;)

Sorry for the short post tonight – I had to work on school projects for several hours, and the night has flown by.  I so missed surfin’ the blog world and visiting everyone, but there’s always tomorrow I guess!

See you guys!

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4 Responses to “operation beautiful”

  1. I love the operation beautiful idea. So need to post more messages like that myself! And your pup is just too darn cute!


  2. Sarah says:

    What an adorable little yorkie! Just found your blog- looks great! Have been visiting Caitlin’s blog for a while- it’s a good one and I love the concept of operation beautiful.

    Great blog btw, adding you to my google reader :)


  3. Fully aware of her O.B. program and love cool that you did the post it’s!

    Thx for the lovely words tonite you told me about my attitude towards neg comments and that you’re inspired to watch my progress and all the nice things u said…thank you :) And yes the vegan/meat discussion was good, hope you re read those posts.


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