a family Easter

Hey friends!  Happy Easter!  I think I’ve said that already in at least one post, but I think it’s fun to just celebrate all weekend!

Saturday Jon and I headed to my hometown.  We met up with my mom and step dad and then headed over to my Grandma’s for Easter dinner.  Before we left our house though, I tried to shove a little too much into the morning, which made us run pretty late.  I did get a lot accomplished, though!  Went for a three mile run, made a couscous salad and protein bars, packed, went shopping for a birthday present for my Grandpa and drove an hour home!  No wonder we were late!

We had such an awesome day with family, though.  I got to meet my little cousin, Caroline for the first time ever, and she is just a doll!  It totally made my day (and gave me a little bit of baby fever:) to see her.

I just have to say – my Grandma and Grandpa are awesome.  I love them so much, and I’m so proud of them.  They have both made healthy changes over the past year, and jointly have lost about 60 pounds so far.  They both have so much more energy!

It thrills me to no end, too, because my Grandma has moved to fixing healthy dishes at family gatherings, as opposed to all the traditional unhealthy staples.  She does still mix some of those in, but I never have to worry about having something healthy, even vegan, to eat when I go home!  Check out my plate from yesterday.

I ended up with fresh strawberries and pineapple, a black bean and rice dip, red bell pepper strips, cucumbers, the couscous salad that I made, and one perfect little chocolate covered strawberry:)

It was delicious!  She had a ton more options of veggies, as well as some ribs, chicken and baked beans (which I passed up of course:).  I was just too full to eat it all!

After dinner, we had great family time.  I love just sitting around hanging out together.  We did have a little dessert as well.  It was my Grandpa’s birthday, so my aunt brought birthday cake.

I brought vegan peanut butter chocolate chip protein bars, and everybody loved them!  Well, most everybody at least.  It totally made my day because the last time I took a vegan cake, it was NOT a hit:(  Can’t win ‘em all I guess!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the recipes for the couscous salad as well as the protein bars that I made.  Make sure you stop by because the couscous salad was to die for!  It was the first time I’d made it, and I seriously loved it. Here’s a little teaser:)

Today we went to my mom and Clark’s church, and then met my grandparent’s for lunch at Mazzio’s (an italian restaurant here in OK) afterward.  I was a little concerened because I hadn’t been to Mazzio’s since I became vegan, and my old favorites included their famous ranch dressing and deep dish pizza (eek!).  It totally worked out, though!  I’ll also be sharing that with you tomorrow:)

Well, I’m off to get stuff ready to start another week of school.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend, whatever you did, and have a great start to the week!  See you tomorrow!

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4 Responses to “a family Easter”

  1. Jenn says:

    Looks like a fun Easter! What a blessings that you still have your grandparents around. I do too and I’m so thankful!!!


  2. Sounds like a great day. Love that they’re making healthier food changes. Yay on the cake being a hit this time. I’m always worried when I take a vegetarian or vegan dish for my family to eat. They’ll almost always try it at the very least. Can’t wait for the couscous salad recipe. YUM.


  3. kelli says:

    glad you had a great weekend! you and your family are adorable!=)


  4. hihorosie says:

    For starters, how cute are you?! And your baby cousin is so stinkin adorable! I can’t get over how cute she is. I want my son and her to be friends. :) Looks like a fab Easter with wonderful eats. Kudos to your grandparents for making healthy changes. That’s so great.



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