pushing through


After another mini hiatus, I’m back again.  I have been a terrible blogger, and I take full responsibility.  Even tonight I’m under a time crunch, and I’m going to have to make this short.  I just HAD to say a quick hello, though.  I miss blogging tremendously, and I cannot wait to blog like a madman this summer.  Only 2 more days of school and the chaos will settle.  Then it’s off to Europe in 6 days!

Here’s a quick little update of what I’ve been up to the last week.

Dodging tornadoes

We had a serious tornado scare last week.  This is the line of cars trying to get into the parking lot of our campus (Oklahoma State) basement.  Finally, people just had to ditch their cars and run!

And taking pictures of the aftermath.

I’ve been making lots of these for lunch.

Posing for Jon in the morning before work.

Going to visit family and getting PeiWei to go on the way there.

Cooking healthy fare with my sweet MIL.

Sharing meals with Jon at Qdoba.

And drinking way too much Starbucks (as if there’s a such thing!).

I miss everyone, and I’ll be back full swing asap!

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2 Responses to “pushing through”

  1. We’ve had some rough weather here too, but not nearly as scary as yours. Glad you guys are safe and sound.


  2. Sarah says:

    Hello there! I’ve missed reading your updates. You’ll have such a great time in Europe- exciting! I don’t break up for another 6 weeks and feels like forever away. Nevermind. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. x


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