prepare to drool


I can’t believe the weekend is already over!  Summer is flying by.

Yesterday, Jon and I spent most of the day cleaning.  Thankfully Jon offered to tag team it with me…and it still took us over 3 hours!  We did the hard core, twice a year kind of clean.  The whole time I just kept envisioning how great it was going to feel once it was done. And it was so worth it.  I love waking up to a clean house!  The only downside = it can only go down from here:(

Here’s a glimpse of our freshly cleaned crib;)

my side of the office – where all the CSM action goes down

Jon’s side

living room (and Olive’s tail end:)

living room, dining room, kitchen (and again…Olive’s tail end:)

dining room and kitchen


and last, but not least – our bedroom

Tour over.

Of course we took food breaks throughout our day of torture cleaning

green beans (click for recipe) from my step-dad’s garden.

Clark – if you’re reading…I need more green beeeeaaaannnnssss!!!!

leftover salad minus the veggie burger this time

Whole Soy blueberry yogurt, raw oats, Kashi U and fresh blackberries (the star of the show)

And dinner – leftover tempeh spaghetti sauce over whole wheat pasta.  Sides = ezekiel bread w/earth balance and garlic + swiss chard and chopped pattypan squash sauteed in olive oil, garlic and a dash of lemon juice

Dear beloved green beans,  you may now have a new green rival.

We got up and went to early service and Sunday school this morning.  I took a green monster to-go (running late of course:) and drank it during the service.

For lunch, we were both craving pancakes for some crazy reason – here’s what I came up with!

I used Hodgson Mill Buckwheat pancake mix, which includes 1 egg (organic free range of course) and 1 tbsp of oil

2 cakes layered with plain Whole Soy yogurt + fresh blackberries

makes my heart go pitter patter.

I need not explain how delicious they were.

The rest of my eats today were very random.  They included things like bran flakes and soy milk, tons of watermelon and more leftover green beans. hehe.

That’s all for today friends.  I’ve gotta be up and at ‘em early because I have a 9:30 am orthodontist appt. on the other side of creation (ie my hometown).  Hoping to get in a run first!

Hope you all have a great start to your week!  Thanks to all who entered in the chia seed giveaway!  Winners will be announced tomorrow!

How do you and your significant other handle cleaning?  Do you tag team?  Or is one person usually in charge? Last year while I was teaching and commuting, Jon took care of almost all the housework (swoon).  But now that I’ve got more time, I have taken back over a lot of it.  While I don’t love the actual act of cleaning…I do love keeping my house and making my husband HAPPY:) Plus, I LOVE the feeling of a spic and span house.

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9 Responses to “prepare to drool”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love your home! It’s so well decorated and spacious. I’m jealous :)

    We’ve got to give this place a good clean and sort it out- it’s on my to-do list for the summer! Tom’s in charge of the bathroom, i’m in charge of the kitchen and then we share out the rest.

    Love your eats, as always xxx


    candice Reply:

    Aww…thank you. You are so sweet:)

    Summer is a great time to get everything organized and cleaned out!


  2. Oh, I’m totally in charge. I set out a list to mark off on the counter and we just go from there. Thanks for the home tour! The eats look so fresh and healthy. YUM


  3. your house is so stikin cute!! I just want to hang out and relax in it!!! I live alone so I do all the cleaning on my own :)


    candice Reply:

    Thank you:) Come on over! lol.

    One of the good things about living alone is that there never seems to be as much to clean!


  4. You have a great house! Love the decor especially the little red birds empty frame/mirror? in your bedroom! Btw I’m in the midst of painting our rooms in our house. They’ve been spec home white for too long. Do you know what color your bedroom and office are?

    BTW I’m in charge of the house because I’m a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) :-) However if I give my hubby a honey do then he’ll gladly help! It comes down to asking for help for me.


    candice Reply:

    Aww. Thank you so much:) It’s old and quirky, but we love it.

    The green paint color in our office is Valspar brand, and it’s called Dried Oregano. The blue color in our bedroom is also Valspar, and it’s called Misty Surf. It took us a long time (and a lot of samples) to arrive at a color, but we fell in love with both of these! We bought both of them from Lowe’s.

    Can’t wait to hear what you decide on!


  5. Christie says:

    Wow, I LOVE the way your home is decorated!! So much character and color! And matches your blog, ha ;)


    candice Reply:

    lol…didn’t ever think about my blog matching my house. Thank you for the sweet compliment:)


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