can’t get enough of good friends


I’m coming to you this morning from the orthodontist’s office.  There is quite an entertaining story behind why I’m here….again, but I’ll save it for another time:)

I’m a bit frazzled this morning because I have so much to do before leaving this weekend!  The good news is that Jon is a saint and decided to book us a hotel room for Thursday night in Wichita.  We really did plan to just make it work and save the money, but the more we planned it out, the more ridiculous it seemed!  So, now I’ll be heading out to Wichita on Thursday early evening and then flying to Chicago Friday morning.  This means I have to have everything done sooner!  Too bad work doesn’t just stop when you go out of town, right?

Last night Jon and I ended up doing exactly what I had hoped – we ordered pizza and stayed in!  Definitely wasn’t the most healthy meal I’ve ever had, but I had as serious hankering for pizza and fried mushrooms, so by gosh, that’s what we did!  Unfortunately I forgot my camera when I raced out the door to head to the city this morning, so I don’t have pics (I hadn’t transferred them to my computer yet).  The movie we watched was really good though – Remember Me – have you seen it?  It was really good and pretty impactful as well, with a sweet love story and personal growth of the characters.  Oh, and a shocking ending!

This morning we headed out for a quick power walk before I had to leave.  The husband made me an awesome green monster to take on-the-go (green monsters are perfect to take in the car:)!  And of course I used my new cup!

photo recycled from yesterday

I was able to make it to the city early enough to have coffee with a friend I taught with last year.  I love her, and it was so good to catch up.  Made me a bit sad to not be going back, but that’s no surprise.  Don’t you just love those kind of friends where you leave each other and get on the phone to keep talking the second  you’re in the car?

Anyway, I gotta run so the orthodontist can do her thing. Argh.

See ya later on!

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3 Responses to “can’t get enough of good friends”

  1. Hey – it was your bday and if it was pizza and fried mushrooms you were craving, then that’s what the bday girl gets and deserves! It sounds like it’ll be less hectic to stay the night Thurs night. Think of it as an additional mini-getaway too.


    candice Reply:

    so true – that’s what I’m thinking!


  2. Teri says:

    I loved having coffee with you and was SO glad we got a little time to catch up! I miss you something fierce, but I am excited about the new directions your life is taking you. This blog is awesome…keep up the good work, Candy-loo!



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