for the love of the glo bar

So, today was quite chaotic!

This morning I woke up not feeling too well and got dressed to go to PiYo only to get undressed again and crawl back under the covers.  I then proceeded to “work from bed” for the next couple of hours until my stomach settled down a little bit.

I finally rolled out of bed because I had a full day of tasks and errands ahead of me!  A little while later I had just finished up some Outbox work and was packaging the Operation Beautiful book to mail to the giveaway winner, when I heard a loud ruckus coming from the office.  It sounded like the entire office was crashing in!

I raced in there, nearly squashing Olive underfoot, to find this

Our closet exploded!  Oh dear.

So, I basically stared at the mess for about 1.5 seconds, then turned tail and scampered back to my bedroom to finish wrapping my package.

A few minutes later I got everything finished up – OB book wrapped up, Modcloth dresses repackaged and addressed, bank deposit slips filled out – and was ready to head out for my errands.

But first, a snack.

I’ve been dying to try a Glo bar for ages, but the shipping cost has always deterred me.  Which is why I was pretty excited when I pulled one out of my HLS swag bag!

So, I finally decided to eat it, but in true food blogger style I stepped out on our back deck to get a picture of it first.

After getting a good shot of it, I walked to the back door, reached for the knob, turned….

and nothing.  It was locked.  Little Olive was staring back at me from inside with a look that said “well this is a new situation.”

I immediately began to evaluate my options. No hidden key.  Front door is locked.  No cell phone.  Hmmm.

Guess I’ll walk to Jon’s office. Just me, my camera and my Glo bar.  What more do I need?

Maybe a big stick, actually.  This crazy dog started barking his head off at me.   I thought he was going to try and steal my Glo bar :(

Halfway there!  And half a Glo bar down!

Finally made it!

My Glo bar and I were both a hot sweaty (melty) mess, but we made it:)

The End.

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hls – friends and fun!

Hello!  Thanks for understanding about no HLS post last night – things have been so crazy and I’ve been gone so much, so it was much needed downtime with the husband.

If you missed the first HLS recap, you can find it here!


After our late night Friday night, it was sooo hard to drag myself out of bed on Saturday morning!  This weekend I needed to run 8 miles for marathon training, so I planned to knock them out with Theodora bright an early at 6am.  She had been a crazy night owl, though, and ended up opting out:)   So, I pounded out 3 scenic miles with my lovely roommate, Paige.  Not sure if you guys have noticed, but marathon training has been a bit rocky for the last week or so.  I’ll be posting soon about the plan regarding training.

This was the scene from the lake path we ran – I wish I could run it every day!

Being completely honest, the best thing about Saturday was having great conversations with great people. I met so many other bloggers and readers, and I was so thankful for the opportunity to get to know everyone on a real, personal level. Don’t get me wrong, I loved going to the sessions – and I definitely took at least something away from each of them, but I think it was difficult for them to be very ground breaking with an audience of healthy living bloggers who spend their time research/reading about healthy living!  In the end, the people are where it’s at:)

First things first, though.  Let’s talk breakfast!

Thomas, Stonyfield and Quaker sponsored a lovely spread.

I had a Thomas bagel thin spread with Maranatha almond butter, an Oikos greek yogurt with granola and berries, and a little bit of fruit – delicious!

Now for the sessions.

The first session I attended was “Fueling for Fitness” where Rebecca and Heather covered the basics of sports nutrition for everday/casual exercisers as well as endurance athletes.  Here are some of the highlights:

Casual exercisers, or those who exercise 20-60 minutes a day and are not training for an event, have the following needs for fueling:

  • Meal/snack 1-2 hours before
  • Water 15 minutes before workout
  • Water during workout
  • Meal or snack within one hour

Endurance athletes are those who are training for a race or sport.  They workout anywhere from 3-6 days per week and most sessions are 40 minutes to several hours long, sometimes working out twice per day.  The fueling needs of endurance athletes are the following:

  • eat a snack that is high in carbs, moderate in protein and low fat (cannot digest fat during workout) + 16 oz water 1-2 hours before workout
  • consume 1 cup water/sports drink 15 minutes before workout (
  • For workouts >75 minutes take in simple carbs,such as gummies or gus every hour
  • take in 2-4 oz of fluid (water or sports drink) every 20 minutes during workout
  • Recovery nutrition as soon as tolerated
  • eat a meal or snack within one hour

These girls did an awesome job at this session – if you’re interested I’ll share more details about the different areas of fueling for fitness in a later post.

A little later I attended another session in which Sabrina shared about how to be a great hostess.  I didn’t know Sabrina before, but I got to spend some time getting to know her this weekend, and I love this girl!

Her session was very entertaining, and we leaned about everything from menu planning to how to set the table. The biggest thing I took away was about the etiquette of cooking healthy food, but also catering to your guests dietary preferences.

For instance, I’m a vegetarian, but I’m having friends over who are not vegetarians.  Should I or shouldn’t I cook meat for them to accommodate their dietary preferences? Here is a summary of what I took away in regard to this question:

  • Be sure to ask your guests about their dietary preferences beforehand
  • Have several options available – if you have a gluten free guest coming, make sure to have some gluten free crackers/bread in addition to the regular bread.
  • Tailor some menu items to them – if you know a guest is a vegetarian, make sure you create some type of main dish that is vegetarian, such as stuffed artichoke hearts.
  • Have them bring something they will eat – don’t feel bad to ask your guest to bring something.  They won’t mind, it will take some of the pressure off of you, and they’ll get to share a tasty dish that suits their dietary preferences

Next up on the agenda – lunch!

salad with balsamic, whole wheat bread with marinated tofu, lettuce, tomato and onion

quinoa salad

fruit and a brownie for dessert!

This awesome spread was sponsored by Arnold and Oroweat.

The first half of Saturday was great and left me super excited for more!  I’ll be back with the second half of the day a little later!

Question: how do you handle having people over for dinner?  Do you focus more on sticking to your own eating preferences/convictions or do you focus more on catering to theirs?

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a night off


I planned on putting up my second HLS recap post tonight, but for the first time in weeks the husband is getting to turn off the blackberry and take the night off from work – so I’m gonna go cuddle instead!

The recap will be up tomorrow!  Have a great night:)

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home sweet home

Good Morning!

Despite missing my peeps from HLS, I am happy to be back home with my favorite person.

and my baby of course:)

After Jon and I drove the two hours home from Wichita, we hopped into bed and slept for about 2 hours.  I’ve gotten a total of about 8 hours of sleep the last two nights combined, so I needed it!  I wanted to keep sleeping, actually, but had some homework to do!

My homework for my photography class is due on Sunday nights and I didn’t have time to complete it before I left for HLS, so it had to be done!

Jon and I had a great time wandering all over our little city looking for good shots…it was so sweet just to spend some time together. I missed that boy! Plus, the temps had cooled down to the mid eighties yesterday (hallelujah!), so it was a beautiful evening.

I gotta run to the city again today for my last (knock on wood) orthodontist appointment.  I hope I never have to see the inside of that place again!

I thought I’d leave you with some of my homework shots from yesterday. Practice, practice, practice!!

yoga on Library Lawn – taken by Jon

This building is where most of upper level English classes were in college

Student Union

This last one is obviously way overexposed, but I had to post it because of the story.  We were looking for a good shot and we saw this biker coming up the sidewalk and Jon said “see if you can get a cool shot of the biker!” So, I shoot it, totally neglecting to adjust my exposure, and then instantly realize that she is a friend of ours.  Random, right?  I think this picture kind of looks like it was taken with my Mini Diana.

Hope you all have a great Monday.  I’ll be back later on for another HLS recap!

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healthy living summit – livin it up!

edit: I wrote this early this morning, but couldn’t find any internet – story of my life!  I’m back home now, so normal posting will resume!

Hellooo from 32,000 feet!  I’m currently en route to Wichita where I’ll be picked up by the husband and whisked back to Stillwater.  I didn’t get to bed until about 1:30 am this morning and had to be up by 5, so I literally feel like I’m walking around in a bit of a haze.  I know I’ll sleep well tonight at least!  On the way to the airport, I munched on a carrot cake larabar and a Solixer drink.

The Solixer came in the HLS swag bag – I wasn’t familiar with it before, but I have to say I’m impressed.  It’s pretty tasty, and the ingredients are simple:sparkling spring water, pure juice from white grape, blackberry, and lemon concentrates, botanical extract blend (chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, hibiscus).  And if you go to their website, click on the blue can to see for yourself + feel like you’re at the beach!

I’m ultra sad that HLS is over – it was a weekend full of good food, good blends (blog+friends) and good information. It was truly even better than I thought it would be to meet the faces behind so many of my favorite blogs.  Every person I met was even more fun and sweet than they come across online – such a highlight!  My favorite part is that now the blendships I had already are 100x better – it’s like they’ve been taken from black and white to color.  I already can’t wait till next year!

I planned on blogging about everything as the weekend progressed, but the internet in the conference room was MIA most of the time – I didn’t want to miss out on sessions to go up to the room to blog, so it just didn’t happen.  I’m looking forward to recapping everything over the next few days, though!

Let’s get started, eh?

On Friday I got to the hotel just in time to hop on the bus to the Frito Lay tour.  Three hours later we finally arrived at the plant.  It was a great tour that started with a short presentation on how Frito Lay is striving to make their products healthier and more environmentally friendly.

I’m sure some of you have been wondering why a Frito Lay tour was planned as part of the Healthy Living Summit, and there are a few answers to that question.

First, if you pick up a package of potato or corn chips, you will see three ingredients: corn, oil and salt. The good news about that is that they don’t have a lot of ingredients you can’t pronounce.  They are recognizable, whole ingredients.  So, considering that most of us are not going to avoid potato chips completely for the rest of our lives, it’s good to know there is a brand out there that uses simple ingredients.

The bad news is that those three ingredients, while simple, are still corn, oil and salt. So, obviously not something you want to be eating all the time – they’re just not that healthy no matter how you slice it. Either way, the tour was fun because we got to learn about what a great company Frito Lay is to it’s employees and the environment, and we got to see the ins and outs of how a product goes from a raw potato to a bag of chips in less than 15 minutes!

Fun fact: did you know that 1regular sized bag of potato chips has 4.5 real potatoes in it?

And I got to get my picture taken with this guy:)

They also provided a stellar lunch!

veggie wrap

salad with feta, dried cranberries, sprouts, croutons and shredded carrots + fruit

(left to right)  Julie, Laura, me, Jennifer

As soon as the tour was over, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the cocktail party, only to get stuck in some serious Chicago traffic.  So, we staged a blogger takeover by ditching the bus and jumping on the subway.  It was a lot of bloggers…and a lot of red Frito Lay bags for sure.

I know all the nice people on the subway really appreciated it;)

Because it took us so long to get back, we arrived at the Open Sky Cocktail party, fashionably one hour late.

a little blurry:( Theodora, Paige, Amy, Kate, Heather, Julie, me

By that time, it was packed out!  The party was awesome, and it was a great way to mingle and get to meet everyone as a precursor to Saturday’s conference.  A (unpictured) club soda with lime was my beverage of choice for the night:)

so excited to chat with Caitlin this weekend

I also partook in some of the hors d’ oeuvres – namely spinach dip, pita triangles and vegetarian quesadillas.

We stayed around the party until about 10pm before heading back to the hotel to hang chill for awhile.

So, I have to tell you guys about this dress since you were so sweet in helping me decide which one (s) to order.  I ended up ordering 3 of the dresses from Modcloth that I had posted – got them in the mail a week later – and was severely let down!  Each of the three was way too short! I guess I should have known that based on measurements, but that wasn’t even the biggest problem.  They were not at all like they appeared on the website – the material was very thin and felt cheap.  They were definitely not the quality of $60-$80 dresses.

Fortunately, a few days after I placed my order, I received an email saying that one of the dresses I loved was back in stock, so I ordered it too.  I know, right? ;)

This one was much better!  It was still pretty thin, but looked a lot nicer on.

However, in the time that I was waiting for all these dresses to arrive, Jon and I took a trip to Walls (a discount store in town) and I found this blue, strapless, a-line dress, originally from Target, that fit positively like a glove.  And the best part is that it was $20!  I also found these cute heels the same day, and came home with an entire outfit for less than $50.  Score!

So that’s the one I ended up wearing to the party.  Now I just have to send all these others back!

Well, this post got to be a bit long winded somewhere around the Frito Lay chip discussion, so I’m gonna wrap it up.  I’ll be back later with recap #2!

I still need to get around and catch up on everybody, but tell me what the best part of your weekend was!

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