and we’re off!

Today has been quite the whirlwind!

I got up this morning and went for a quick and chilly 4 mile run.  When I got back I rewarded myself with a delicious green smoothie.

Aside from three tutoring appointments and a yoga class, I spent the rest of the day preparing for our trip!

the goods

Let’s see, we’ve got bananas, rice cakes, almond butter, Pirate’s Booty, larabars out the wazoo, honeycrisp apples!, and a few random samples leftover from my HLS swag bag.  I also tossed in my Vega Shake n Go smoothie mix.  This girl is definitely not going to go hungry!  My motto is you can never be too prepared for a road trip.  Besides, I’m thinking Burlington, Iowa probably doesn’t have tons in the way of healthy restaurants.

Yes, that’s right – I said Burlington, IOWA!

You guys had a lot of good/legitimate guesses earlier, but I only had two people specifically guess Iowa – Amanda from Vegacious and Amber from Stay at Home Mom’s Musings.  So, with two correct guesses, I had to draw a name.

Congratulations Amanda!  Email me your address, and as soon as I get back from our trip I’ll bake you some cookies:)

Kind of ironic too, considering Amanda lives in Iowa!

Anyway, I gotta run…err, drive that is.  We’re leaving right now (10:45 pm) and driving thought the night.  Talk about miserable!! ;)   JK.  Hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Our hotel has wifi, though, so I’ll talk to ya’ll tomorrow!


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6 Responses to “and we’re off!”

  1. I’m like you…I have to have food with me. I’m always afraid I’ll be hungry!

    I’m right next to Iowa, in Nebraska. But it looks like Burlington is about the furthest you can get away from Omaha while still being in Iowa! :)

    Have a safe trip!


    candice Reply:

    Too bad! Wish I was closer!


  2. Ok, my husband and I just moved to Ames from Burlington! We lived there for 3 years (and he grew up there!). Small world!!! What are you in town for??? Okay, I’ll just email you already. Hee-hee! :)


  3. ahh, Iowa would have been my next guess. That’s the only other state I’ve lived in!


    candice Reply:

    haha:) I’m probably still not that far away from you!


  4. jen cheung says:

    I always love to have food in the car when I’m going out on a long long ride! food just cure the boredom eh?



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