a race to remember

Good morning!

I can hardly believe it is already Thanksgiving week.  The holiday season is officially here!  My grandma and I were just talking (through facebook by the way…I have a really tech savvy Grandma:) about how fast this year has gone by.  It seems like just last month we were having Christmas dinner together as a family.  Time is definitely going by faster and faster the older I get.

Anyway, I got up this morning and headed to the gym for a quick interval workout.  Today is going to be really busy, so I knew I had to make it quick!  Sometimes it’s nice to just have a more intense, shorter workout and be done than to drag it out.  It really just depends on the day for me, I guess.   I ended with some full and side planks before racing back home and throwing together a juice.  We are seriously low on groceries right now, so I had two measly ingredients this morning.

I would have liked to have had some greens in there, but you can’t win ‘em all I suppose.  And this tasted delicious!  So sweet:)

This weekend was so busy with going to Tulsa on Friday and on Sunday and having a mini photoshoot sandwiched in between on Saturday.  We had such a great time with everything though!

The race was so fun and as expected it made me sad that we weren’t running and it made me want to run a race soon!  Everything went off without a hitch, and all of Jon’s work looked fantastic.  I know you may be sick of seeing it all, but here are some pictures from the actual race. Unfortunately it was overcast and super windy, so the pictures aren’t that pretty, but I think the husband’s amazing talent made up for it;)

not a pretty picture, but I thought these little details were so cute

please excuse the nest on my head – it was thanks to the 30 mile an hour wind

the husband got interviewed by Channel 6 news in Tulsa.  I told him to drop a plug for Outbox, but he didn’t.  He was cute anyway:)

I unexpectedly saw two friends at the race, which was so exciting!  The first was my friend, Julie, from my teaching days, who ran the 5k.

And the second was my friend Katie from high school.  It was so fun to see both of these girls because I hadn’t seen either one of them in forever!  Katie ran the half marathon and PR’d – I was so excited for her!  I think she ran it in 1:52 – go Katie!  She blew my half marathon time out of the water by 17 minutes!

After about 4 hours at the race, we headed out, stopping at Starbuck’s for a little coffee before doing some Christmas shopping!

I love this little Starbucks – it was the quaintest I’ve seen since the one in Old Town where I met Emily.  I told the husband that I could have sat there forever.  It was that quaint:)

Don’t you just love the word “quaint”?  I do.  And I love quaint things.

It was a great day, and we were so happy that everything went over with the race so well.

I have to say, though,  there was a 27 year old man that collapsed during the half marathon, and he died shortly after.  So so sad.  I cannot even imagine being his family.  So, we’re definitely saying a prayer for him and those who knew him:(

I’ll see you all later – hope you have a great Monday.

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10 Responses to “a race to remember”

  1. Rhea says:

    Oh Candice, that juice is so pretty! Keepin’ it simple… carrot is always good. I haven’t had a juice in a hot minute and you may have just rekindled my cravings. This summer I was mixing my own juice “cocktails” with seltzer.
    So awful about the man collapsing during the marathon. At least we know he is in a better place and was doing what he loved…
    Love the confetti pics, too. Have a great turkey day week!


    candice Reply:

    Simple is good, right? I’ve never mixed my own juice with seltzer, only Pom juice. Sounds soo good though!

    Great perspective about the man who died. It just seems so crazy to me.


  2. I heard about the guy–so sad. Kacy (Low and Behold) actually had to run past him as he lay on the fllor.


    candice Reply:

    Glad I wrote this post because I had never heard of Kacy before, but you’re not the only one who mentioned her. I’ll have to pop over and say hi!

    What a sad experience for her, though. So sad:(


  3. I read on Kacy’s blog as well about the man who died during the race. That’s just awful!

    On a side note, I heart that your grandma has facebook. Mine is still trying to figure out the basics of email. Which reminds me I should probably email her soon… :)


    candice Reply:

    haha! Yeah, she loves facebook. I love when she posts a status or comments on someone’s…so fun:)


  4. Oh how horrible about the death. That’s so tragic. That’s really so sad. You just never never know.


    candice Reply:

    I know, right? Who would think you’d go out to run a half marathon and not make it through. It’s just so crazy to me:(


  5. Wow – it’s so great that your hubby designed all of those signs, t-shirts and other graphics for the race! Talk about a great opportunity for exposure!
    Very sad about the runner who passed away.


  6. Garland says:

    Lovely senic course and well sppourted race. Food was lovely and greatly appreciated by the runners. Credit is due to committees who put on road races and to the runners who travel all over cork county and further afield to support these races. On this note the delay in calling out the results was not good enough bearing in mind that people had to travel up to 2hrs and more to get home on sunday evening having made the journey to the race earlier in the day.Looking foward to next years race.


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