another busy weekend

Good morning!

The weekend flew by so fast, as always, and it was as full as ever in the last two months.  Friday evening the husband and I stopped by our house after work to see how it was coming along.  It really is incredible how much has been done this week.  Last Sunday our house looked like this:

And this Sunday it looked like this:

After we signed the papers and everything it literally felt like absolutely nothing happened for weeks, and just when we were starting to become a little bit concerned they really got going on it.  Here’s the progression of the last month in pictures:

We’ve now got about 2 months and 11 days until our anticipated close date…we’re so ready!  And another couple pics just for fun:)

haha – jumping pictures are not my strong suit

looking into our living/dining room from the entryway

After checking out the house Friday evening, we re-visited one of our favorite new restaurants.  The last time we went to Cafe 7 was last Sunday with some friends, and we knew there was so much more that we wanted to try.   This time we both got something different, and it did not disappoint.

I went with the margarita pizza, which had marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, spinach and tomatoes.  Delicious!

I ate about half and took the rest home because the husband and I had grand plans to split a cookie.  Seeing as how Cafe 7 is only about a mile from our new house, I’m sure we’ll be back many more times.

Post dinner we decided to head down to an area of OKC called the Plaza District.  We went there during the day once before, but on the first Friday night of every month all the shops are open, there’s live music, street vendors, food, and all kinds of other fun stuff like the Humane Society pups up for adoption.

As you all know, now would not be the best time for the husband and I to adopt a new dog, but I wanted to take this guy home so badly!  I think I’m having puppy withdrawals:(

Anyway, Saturday we had an appointment to pick out the lighting for our house and then we met up with the husband’s parents for lunch and to go see the house.  Lunch was a cute little restaurant that sits right on the lake, called Louie’s.  We actually had this place in our old town, but we didn’t go there very often…only once I think.  It was excellent though – great atmosphere, great food – actually the best fruit I think I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

black bean burger with avocado = amazing

iPhone pics. eh.

On Sunday the husband and I got up early to do our long run.  Honestly, I was not looking forward to it.  On Friday, I had experienced one of the absolute worst runs of my life.  Every step was brutal – my lower back hurt, my shins hurt, my quads…everything.  In retrospect I really should have just thrown in the towel probably, but I really needed to get in the mileage, so I did my best to push through.  I had kind of an emotional breakdown after it…I think the pain and frustration brought out all these pent up emotions – stress, tiredness, feeling like everything is all out of whack right now – and I just needed to let it all out.  I was really feeling down.  Thankfully the afternoon improved drastically because my interview went really well, and the husband booked me an afternoon massage.  He really is the most thoughtful husband in the world.

But back to the long run.  We were slated to go 9 miles, and the first 4.5 went pretty well; I felt a lot better than I anticipated I would.  We ended up doing sort of an out and back route, and it was only when we turned to head back that we realized how windy it was.  With the wind at our backs we barely felt it, but all of a sudden it felt like we were running into a wall.  Flashbacks to our marathon 2 years ago kept popping into my head as we fought our way back.  Hills, wind, the whole bit was the essence of the last 4.5 miles…and there were definitely some walking breaks.  However, we both somehow got a second wind with about a half mile left and finished at about an 8:30 pace.  No matter what the majority of a run is like, I always feel as if I’ve redeemed myself when we finish strong and happy.

The rest of Sunday included breakfast at Subway, lots of IcyHot, a long nap, and a visit to our baby.  The best way to end a weekend I think.  Now for another busy crazy week!

How was your weekend?

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random goings on

Edit: I actually wrote this post on Thursday, but my camera battery went dead, and I wasn’t able to pull the pictures off, and I haven’t been home since then to get them.  I know it’s kind of weird to be posting a recap of the weekend a week late, but I really want to document this time in our life, so weird or not – here it is!

I really can’t believe it’s already Thursday again, and I’m just writing my first blog post this week.  I have to admit, I’m really struggling with this whole “getting into a routine” thing.  We have been SO busy lately, and honestly we just haven’t been at home much at all.  Because my mom and step-dad live so far away from the city, by the time the husband and I do everything we need to do after work, we don’t get home until super late.  This means minimal blog time and little to no cooking.

We have been spending so much money on eating out lately, and while I try to keep it as clean as I can it’s still not the same as knowing exactly what’s in my food.  The jeans are starting to feel a little snug despite training for our half marathon, and I’m going to have to clean it up a little more asap.  I’m not going to lie…it has been hard. You’d think that being five weeks into our new life, I would have found a balance by now, but I think it’s getting worse not better.  I’m just so ready to live in the town we work in, have more time at home and get back on a regular blogging schedule – it cannot happen soon enough!

This past weekend, the husband and I went to the OKC Home Show to try and get some ideas for our house; while we didn’t really get a lot of decor ideas, we did buy a steam mop that I’m really excited about. haha.  I’m such an adult now.

On Sunday we went and tried another new church and then met up with some friends for lunch.  I went to college with Elyse, Ryan and JJ, and it was so so fun to hang out again.  They are one of the many reasons why we are so excited to have moved to the city – looking so forward to reconnecting and having fun date nights!

JJ and her cute baby boy, Grayson.  Seth didn’t quite make it into the picture.

Ryan and Elyse

After lunch we went over to my grandparent’s house to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday.  Even though we live so close now, I still feel like we’ve barely spent any time with my whole family, and it was so nice to just spend time with everyone.  And we got to see our baby of course.

I believe my grandpa is one of the best men who has ever existed.  He has quite the sense of humor, and he never fails to make me laugh…always telling jokes and being clever:)  He has been such a hard worker his entire life; even to this day he loves nothing more than being outside, working hard.  In the summer he always has a bandana around his forehead, coveralls on, with sweat all over him as he fixes and/or makes everything under the sun.  But he also reads books like it’s his job:)  I love my grandpa so much, and I’m so thankful to have him in my life.  He’s one of the most important people in the world to me.  And now he’s helping take care of spoil my baby, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Pictures of my Grandpa are still stuck on my camera (don’t ask), so I’ll be posting them soon!  I just had to get this post was getting ridiculous.


In other news, our house is coming along nicely!  Things have sped up the last few days; one day we went and it was a concrete slab (which we were hugely excited about), and the next day it looked like an actual house!

We’ve got windows and walls, and I really wanted to just set up camp for the night but decided that it might be best to wait until our roof is not just rafters.

Also, today we went to the design center and were able to pick out most of the details.  We analyzed back-splashes, tile, cabinets, counter-tops, wood floors, paint, brick and tons more.  It was pretty overwhelming, but also so much fun!  Because the husband and I are a little bit picky, we didn’t have nearly enough time to finish, so we’ll be going back next week to wrap it up.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share some pictures of what we’ve picked out!

Tomorrow I have a second interview with the ESL institute that I would prefer to teach at, and I’m hoping I’ll find out more about it in general and more about if/when I’ll be able to start!  Right now everything is so crazy that I don’t know how I’m going to fit in a job, but it’ll work somehow;)  I just hope it all goes well and that they want to hire me sooner rather than later.

So, that’s a really random recap of everything that’s going on right now.  It’s so funny how when my life is crazy I really want it to slow down and I envy people who have a semi normal schedule.  But as soon as my schedule turns normal, I long for excitement an spontaneity.  I guess it’s really all about embracing whatever moment you’re in, and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.  Trying being the key word here.

I’m thankful to those of you who have been still stopping by this little blog of mine.  I promise the disorganization and lack of focused posts will all pull together soon and things will be back to normal.  Thank you for sticking with me through it all though.  Hope you’ve had a great week!

Do you thrive on routine and normalcy in your schedule or do you love when things are crazy?

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great books and other stuff

Despite the fact that it’s Friday and the weather has made vast improvements, I am dragging today!  The culprit?

This book.

Yesterday I was killing a little bit of time before picking the husband up from work, so I ran across the street to Border’s because they’re having a huge closing sale.  After wondering around for awhile, my eyes landed on the cover of Euna Lee’s memoire.  I am a big fan of memoirs; I just recently finished two different ones, Thin is the New Happy by Valerie Frankel and The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls – two books that could not be more different, but were equally engaging and wonderful.  I highly recommend both, but to give you fair warning, The Glass Castle is very harsh and somewhat disturbing at times…like when you see something so devastating that you want to look away, but you just can’t.  But in the end it shoots straight to your heart as it speaks of redemption and the ability to rise above any situation, and I walked away feeling inspired and more aware of the world.

But back to the book of last night.  I read a few pages right after I bought it and knew right away that it would be hard to put down.  After running a couple of errands and making the trek back home, I picked it back up; three hours and 275 pages later I stumbled into bed.  Lee’s account of her time in captivity in North Korea took me on a journey that ended in a renewed thankfulness for the most important things in life and a new perspective of how God leads us through the toughest of times.  Thought provoking and emotional, at times I felt I was right there with her as she agonized over missing her baby and having no certainty over her future – and upon her arrival back home where she embraced gratefulness, safety and those she loved most.  I loved it.

This morning I had plans to get some work done at Starbucks, but I just had to finish the last 15 pages or so.  This is my problem with books – if they’re riveting enough to keep me flipping the page, then I simply cannot walk away from them.  Gets me every time.  Having rushed out of the house in a blur of bags, laptops and keys this morning, I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, but Starbucks perfect oatmeal to the rescue once again!  The best option for breakfasts on the run.

topped with dried fruit and nuts

I also wanted to toss in one my favorite easy lunches that I had yesterday.  I’ve made a version of this before with just black beans, but the spices in this one had me over the moon.

Baked sweet potato with leftover Amy’s Chili poured over top. And a side of kale chips.

This could even be a portable snack to take to the office (which I’ll be needing soon!) if you have a microwave.  Maybe subbing out the kale chips for a bag of steamable broccoli?   I just love little meals that are warm and homemade tasting, but take minutes to prepare.

I’m so happy it’s Friday (duh), and I’m so excited because the husband and I are going to the OKC home show this weekend.  We’ve got some serious house decisions to make in the next week, so hopefully we’ll come away with some direction and inspiration.

Have a lovely weekend!

What is your favorite book you’ve ever read?
If I had to choose one, I’d probably say Barbara Kingsolver’s Poisonwood Bible – read it while we lived in Thailand, and could read it a thousand more times.  Side note – the other day I was re-listening to My Sister’s Keeper in the car, and I had this sudden realization that books can take on a whole new meaning and impact with each time you read them.  There are different things going on in my life right now that cause me to read it in a completely different way than last time.  Love that about books.

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