first family photos

For over two years I’ve dreamed about taking maternity photos someday.  I would look longingly at other people’s photos and think about the elements I’d like to be the same about mine…and what I wanted to be different.  Where they’d be taken, what I’d wear and what kinds of poses I would do.  But it was always just that.  A dream.

So, a couple of months ago when Jon talked to my best friend/the best photographer ever, Elyse, about taking my pictures, I got so excited!  And then I got nervous.  I guess I had built up the whole event for so long, imagining it as pure perfection, and suddenly I was scared that my reality wouldn’t live up to what I had envisioned.  Silly, I know.  But of course I started planning away – trying to decide on a location, buying a new outfit, thinking about how I’d wear my hair.  I wanted these pictures to be as perfect as possible.  And then, just like so many other things, my dreams of the picture perfect maternity photos crumbled with the news of bedrest.  So long field of wildflowers in the evening sun, lol.  I was so disappointed.

And then I talked to Elyse about it, and like the amazing photographer she is, she had a vision for us.  A vision that would accommodate bedrest.  A vision that required a last minute ditching of my planned outfit.  But suddenly I was totally okay with it all.  It seemed meant to be, and I got super excited about plan B.  Once again I was forced to give up control.  And it was good:)

Elyse is an absolutely incredible photographer.  She took a less than ideal situation and turned it into photos of us with our babies that I will cherish and love forever.  They capture this exact time in our life so precisely that now I can’t imagine them any differently.  So, thanks Elyse, for being such a great friend and for giving us the gift of always being able to remember how we felt and exactly what our life looked like in the months leading up to our babies’ births:)  We love you!

Here’s a sneak peek.  You can see more on Elyse’s blog.

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4 Responses to “first family photos”

  1. Those are fabulous. Love the nursery ;-)


  2. Malissa says:

    These are so adorable! What a sweet idea your friend had. Love!


  3. Ely says:

    Love you guys!


  4. They turned out perfect and I love them. Esp the first one.


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