happy one month, baby girl

“…another thing Daddy and I are amazed at is how strong you are!  You can support your entire body weight on your two little legs!  It’s so cute to see you all but stand up because you are so tiny.  I love it…”

- from mama’s letter to you

What you weigh– about 5 pounds

What you’re eating – about 40-45 ml every three hours

How you’re sleeping – some restlessness but overall you’re a good sleeper!

What you’re wearing – most days you can be found hanging out in just your diaper.  I dress you up if we’re having company, but otherwise I love to snuggle you skin to skin too much to put clothes on you during the day.  When I do dress you, you are still trying to grow into the “up to 7 lbs.” size at Gap.  It’s pretty big on you.  Preemie stuff fits you really well.  Diaper – you are wearing a mix of preemie and newborn sized disposable diapers.  The preemie size fits you the best, but we were gifted some newborn size, so we put you in those when we run out of preemies.  You are still too small for the Bum Genius newborn cloth diapers.  The Tail Feathers brand fits you great, but we only have two, so most of the time you’re in disposables.

What you like to do – be held, suck on your pacifier (although you can’t quite keep it in by yourself yet, which means mama and daddy get quite the workout), stick out your tongue, be in the Moby, have your hair brushed, swing

Big moments in your one month of life – being born (ha!), eating all your meals by mouth, graduating from the NICU, coming home, meeting your big sister, Olive, your first visit to Dr. Stanford and a good report, your first (for fun) outing to downtown OKC, first meeting with lots of family and friends

Nicknames – miss, little miss, baby girl

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One Response to “happy one month, baby girl”

  1. Sarah says:

    Happy one month, Viv and Linc! It’s amazing. I’m so happy for you guys. Gorgeous pics. Lots of love xxx


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