happy 29

Friday was my 29th birthday.  In past years getting 3 hours of sleep and then spending much of the day doing laundry and housework would have been a horrible way to spend my birthday.  But this year there isn’t anything I’d have rather been doing.

After making myself an awesome breakfast of eggs, cinnamon toast and a soy latte, Lincoln, Vivian and I spent the morning playing, napping and doing the above.

Then we hopped in the car to meet Jon for lunch.  Linc and Viv still can’t frequent public places, so I picked Jon up and we drove to one of our favorite little mexican food places, Big Truck Tacos and then continued on to Sonic where we sat and ate while the babies chilled in their carseats.  You absolutely cannot beat the fried avocado soft taco and chips and salsa from BTT.

After lunch I ran back home just in time to feed L and V, and then my mom came over to hang out and keep us company!  Awhile later when Jon came home he brought with him cakes from a delicious little bakery near our house and plans for a fun outing with the babies.

First we stopped by Babies R Us to pick up something we needed for Linc, then we cruised over to one of our favorite pizza places, Joey’s.  This time instead of Sonic, we headed down the street to McDonald’s where we got two large drinks in styrofoam cups and then cruised around enjoying my birthday dinner.  It was quite funny when Jon pulled up to the window at McDonald’s to order our drinks.  The employee asked how our night was going, and Jon said “it’s great.  It’s her birthday!”  The girl literally just sort of shrugged and nodded, then turned to get our drinks.  I told Jon she was probably thinking “poor girl.  You’re taking her through McDonald’s with a pizza box in her lap for her birthday dinner?”  While I do wish we could take the twins out and about, there’s something about all these car outings that is so special.  I’ll always remember them as such a sweet time in our life.

Later that night, Jon topped off my birthday by feeding the twins bottles and letting me sleep (aside from pumping of course) through a feeding.

Obviously Linc isn’t really holding his own bottle…it’s just propped for a cute pic

Two years ago on my birthday I posted 27 things to do during my 27th year of life.  At the time, I was already in the trenches of infertility, and the top thing on that list was to have a baby.  I didn’t add it because I hadn’t yet told my infertility story, but it was heavy on my heart.

I didn’t get to have a baby during my 27th year, but I did face infertility head on and grew and learned so much about myself.  And now, finally, just before my 29th year began, God gave me not one, but two precious babies.  And I still can hardly believe it.

While it doesn’t sound like my birthday was very glamorous, it was the absolute greatest way to celebrate being alive.  I do believe my 29th will be my best year yet.

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5 Responses to “happy 29”

  1. Happy 29th Birthday!

    I am from OKC and its so fun reading about your outings and being familiar with the places. I LOVE BTT and that avocado taco. Yum!


    candice Reply:

    Thanks Hallie! So fun that you’re from OKC. I checked out your blog, and your little Mollie is seriously cute. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  2. Sarah says:

    Happy belated birthday sweetie! xxx


    candice Reply:

    Thanks girl!


  3. Happy {belated} Birthday Candice! Looks like you had a wonderful day and I’d recognize that cake anywhere. They are so so good! I think your car ride dinner cruises are a great way to think out of the box in terms of getting out for some quality time. Plus you’ll both look back and probably say something like remember when… :-) I have lived here my entire life and have yet to try BTT. Ack! Must.Do.Soon.


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