happy two months, baby girl

{a few weeks late}

You like to lay on your activity mat and look around, but most of all you like to sit up where you can see everything.  You really love it when we walk around the house with you holding you up where you can see what’s going on. As your daddy says, you are an independent girl!

- from mama’s letter to you

sorry sweet girl, I couldn’t resist:)

What you weigh – 6 lbs 2 ounces
What you eat
– nursing full time!
How you sleep
– some restlessness but overall you’re a good sleeper!  You sometimes get a little mad when we put you down for your nap, but we can usually soothe you and you’ll go to sleep.  You’re on a 21/2 hour schedule where you nap for about an hour and fifteen minutes every cycle.  During the night, you usually will go a four hour stretch without eating, and the rest 3 hour stretches.  That’s all we let you do right now because we’re trying to get you to gain weight still, but the other night we accidentally slept through the alarm and you went 5 hours!
What you wear
– I’ve started dressing you everyday now, and you are so cute in all your little clothes.  Preemie sizes are too small for you now, and the up to 7 lbs size from Gap fits you just perfectly.
– You wore your last preemie sized diaper during your 8th week as well as your last newborn sized disposable.  Now you’re in newborn Bum Genius full time, although they’re still a tad big.
Favorite activities
– bath time, being toted around the house while being held up where you can see everything, watching your queen of hearts doll
Least favorite activities -  waiting to eat, getting lotion rubbed on you
Big moments in your second month of life – started wearing cloth diapers, focused your eyes and followed an object, met your grandpa Hal for the first time, started holding your head up much better, stayed home without mama and daddy for the first time

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3 Responses to “happy two months, baby girl”

  1. Debbie McCoy says:

    Wow I can’t believe how big you are getting. You are getting stronger every day. I just love to look at all your cute faces you make – especially like the picture of you on your moms shoulder. Looks like you might have a secret! Love you lots, Gramma


  2. Bao says:

    Thank you for sharing. No maettr how long ago the preterm birth, I feel, we,as moms who lived the experience will never forget those raw emotions, nor forget the scenes, scents or sounds of those trying times. The first time I spoke publicly about our 27 weeker twins was on live television for 15 minutes, while holding one and a friend holding the other. I got choked up a couple of times, but those in the studio were so warm and real, I got over it quickly. Love your blogs. Thanks again for sharing.


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