happy 7 months, bubba



I love your messy hair, your chubby fingers, you perfectly tiny chin and the way you get so excited and do this little hop anytime I stand you up on your feet.

- from mama’s letter to you



What you weigh – 11 lbs. 8 oz.

What you eat
  – Still nursing!  Like a little champ I might add.  You still eat about every three hours.



How you sleep –  We were sleeping you on your tummy for naps for quite awhile, but then you started waking up because you’d roll over and hit the side of the crib.  So, we started swaddling you again, and you don’t seem to care either way!  Your naps have stretched back out a little bit since we started dropping your 4th one.  Sometimes you still take it if you’re really tired, but sometimes you are okay to skip it.  Your morning nap is the longest, usually about an hour and a half to two hours.  Your other naps are usually about an hour.  At night you sleep perfectly, going down at about 8:30 and sleeping until 7 or 7:30.  We still give you a dreamfeed at about 10:30, but you don’t really wake up for it.  It’s going to be really hard for me to give up that last feed…it’s my favorite time of night.

What you wear – Mostly 3-6 month, unless it’s a sweater, most of which seem to run big.

Diaper – Still wearing Bum Genius Freetime on the smallest setting.  Still loving them!



Favorite activities – Being lifted up in the air on your tummy, talking, eating, reaching for things, taking your bath, cuddling with mama or daddy, sitting in your highchair playing with kitchen utensils, bathtime, sitting up, being tickled

Least favorite activities – being laid down on your changing table when you’re hungry, waiting to eat.  That’s pretty much it!  You are a happy little baby!


Big moments in your sixth month of life – 1st Christmas, 1st trip to south Texas to meet the McCoys, 1st time to sit up! 1st time to sit in a high chair at a restaurant



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happy 7 months, sissy bear



One of the cutest things you do is what your daddy and I call “making snow angels.”  You flap your arms and legs and get the most excited look on your face.  It’s precious!!  It’s even funnier when you are swaddled with one arm out and you do it just with the one arm.  Definitely one of my favorite parts of getting you up from your nap. 

-  from mama’s letter to you







What you weigh – 10 lbs. 12 oz.

What you eat – Still nursing!!  Things are going great!  Per the usual, daddy and I are a little concerned about your weight gain, but Dr. Sigler is still happy with your progress, so we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

How you sleep – Well, since last month we went back to swaddling you for naps.  You did really well being unswaddled for about a week, and then suddenly you started waking up early from every nap, so I started swaddling you again.  After doing a little reading, I decided that maybe you were waking early because you don’t need quite as much sleep anymore.  So, we decided to try and drop your 4th nap.  It’s a work in progress still.  Some evenings you take it and some you don’t…it just kind of depends on how cranky and tired you get.  But regardless, your naps have stretched back out, each one lasting anywhere from an hour and fifteen minutes to two hours.  At night you go down at about 8:30 and sleep until 7 or 7:30am.   We still pull you out of bed for a dreamfeed around 10:30, but you don’t really wake up for it.  The best thing is how you wake up in the morning and just lay in bed with bubba and talk to each other until daddy and I get you up.  You’re so content to just babble until we get upJ
What you wear – You’re still wearing a mix of 0-3 and 3-6 depending on what it is. Pants are all 3-6 because of your giant diaper.  Onesies are 3-6 for the most part, although you can still technically wear your 0-3.  Sweaters and dresses are definitely still 0-3.  You are our perfectly tiny girl.

Diaper –  Bum Genius Freetime on the tightest snap.
Favorite activities – being tickled, sucking on your fingers, sitting up (!), playing with bubba, grabbing people’s faces, chewing on things, swinging

Least favorite activities: there really isn’t much you don’t like these days!  Although you still get pretty mad if we swaddle you up in the towel when you get out of the bath.  Oh, and you hate having your face cleaned.
Big moments in your fifth month of life –1st Christmas, 1st time to sit up, 1st trip to south Texas to meet the McCoys


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over the weekend

This post always seems to come a day late…Mondays are always just extra busy.

Friday night was my favorite kind of start to the weekend.  When Jon got off work we packed up the babies and headed out for dinner.  After a short drive/discussion, we found ourselves at Big Truck Tacos, one of our favorite local mexican spots.  It was the babies first time inside, and they did so well.  Not that I expected any different.




Saturday we hit up a couple of shops looking for something to put the twins in for their 7 month pictures this coming weekend.  We didn’t have any luck, but we did get hit in the parking lot.  Total fail all around.  Thankfully, the damage was minimal, and no one was hurt.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home just hanging out.  Sunday morning while the babies were sleeping, we caught up on the Bible in a year plan we’re working on, which entailed reading the entire book of Job.  We took turns, chapter by chapter, and by the end my throat was all scratchy.  I hadn’t read Job all the way through since college, and I really enjoyed it.  I actually think I absorbed it a lot more reading it in one sitting rather than breaking it up. We saw more drama in that book than all weekend watching Parenthood.  And that’s saying a lot!


Linc and Viv finally started solids this past week, and so far it has been an adventure!  I’ll write more about it in the next week or so…but for now I’ll say it’s been one of the most fun things I’ve done with them.  One of my favorite parts of the day now!











Why, oh why can’t weekends last forever?



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the week in snapshots

collage1 collage2 collage3 collage4


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little things i’m loving this week

If last week flew by, then this one moved at a glacial pace.  The husband has still been swamped at work, which has meant long, late nights and lots of working lunches.  Not my favorite, but such is life.

Thankfully, it’s finally Friday!  And also finally time for this weeks installment of the little things I’m loving this week.



First, I absolutely adore this post by Kacie on positive parenting.  Aside from a couple of personal sides to her story, I literally could have written it myself.  I’ll be the first one to get super gung ho about everyone being different, and I totally get that we all have different feelings about being a parent.  But, honestly it was just nice to hear from someone who feels almost exactly like I do.  Especially being a parent of twins, you wouldn’t believe the amount of negative comments that are said, even directly to my face.


Have you heard of this app?  There is a high possibility that I am the last one on the AnyList train, but it has changed my world.  Gone are the days of jotting down grocery items here and there and then running to the store with 6 scraps of paper, piecing them together to make sure everything is there.  I almost always have my phone nearby, so I can easily grab it and add to the list the second something pops into my mind.  And best of all, the husband and I can share a list, and it updates real time.  So, if I’m at the store and he thinks of something, he can add it and it will instantly pop up in front of me.  So easy and convenient!



I have a small obsession with Essie nail polish.  It’s honestly kind of scary.  But with two babies it’s not exactly every day that I can run and get a manicure (okay, I haven’t gone in over 7 months), so I figure I’m still saving money by buying polish and doing it myself.  For the last couple of months I’ve been really loving this orangey red.

Happy Friday!!  What little things are you loving this week?

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