little things i’m loving this week

Happy Friday!  I was feeling a little melancholy last weekend about the holidays being over, but once we got back home and got the Christmas decorations put away, I was more than ready to move on with the New Year.  We spent a lot of time at home this week recovering from holiday travel and getting the little ones back on their routine and rested up.  It was just what we needed.  And while the house seems bare, it also seems full of possibility and the opportunity for a new start.

Since Jon worked from home today, I took advantage of naptime this morning to go get a huge load of groceries.  Our fridge was so bare after being gone so much, so it feels glorious to have it freshly stocked with healthy food.  There’s nothing better than having trouble deciding which meal sounds best for dinner! I’m so thankful.

I thought I’d kick off the weekend with a list of all the little things that are making me smile this week.


This book I started reading en route to south Texas is captivating.  The Entertainment Weekly description makes me feel like it was written just for me.


This little basket we finally purchased after months of disarray around the bathtub brings a sense of calm to the bathroom that I’ve really been missing.


When we first built our house, our closet seemed so spacious, but now, a year and a half later it has become so cluttered.  We’d been eying this ironing board/laundry sorter for a long time and finally bit the bullet.  Laundry day is so much more simple now.


Jon surprised me with this little rocking bird for Christmas.  Every time I see him sitting on our mantle it makes me happy, and I love to walk by, tip his little tail and then watch him go back and forth.

 What little things are making you smile this week?

By the way, I wanted to note that last week my blog was infected with Malware.  If you came by you may have seen a red banner at the top that said my site was a risk.  We contacted these kind folks, and they have taken care of it for us.  There shouldn’t be any more problems, but please let me know if you stop by and notice anything unusual.  And now for my public service message of the day: make sure your passwords are strong!

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2 Responses to “little things i’m loving this week”

  1. I would love to borrow that book when you are done. And that bird…so fab!


    candice Reply:

    For sure! I hate having books sitting on my shelf not being read after I read them…so I’m excited to pass it on:)


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