last night’s dinner

As usual, last night’s dinner was quick and easy.  I had planned on making an asian tofu stir-fry, but when the husband came home and I asked him what he wanted, mexican was his genre of choice.  So, mexican it was.

I pan fried some onions and peppers in olive oil alongside a huge pile of collard greens and spinach.  Being constantly paranoid about my milk supply, I’m always willing to do anything (wives tale or not!) that I think might help mine increase.  Part of that includes eating oatmeal every morning, which has consequently taken the place of green smoothies.  Without my green smoothies my spinach consumption has dwindled to almost nothing, so I’ve been trying to get more in whenever possible.  I love pretty much any kind of cooked greens, so I figured why not just have them as a side?  Cooked in garlic infused olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, they were delicious!

As the veggies were cooking I heated up a can of black beans and refried beans as well as pulled out some shredded cheese and of course, Louisiana Hot Sauce (my current obsession).


And dinner was followed by our usual…

These Super Charge Me Cookies are the husband’s absolute favorite.  And I don’t mind keeping a stash in the cookie jar pretty much 24/7 because they’re really healthy and filling.  I’ve made them for friends who later claimed they were a favorite, and they even passed the test of my brother-in-law.  You should make them.  Like, right now.

I love spending time in the kitchen, and especially as the twins get older I really want to make cooking dinner a family activity that they can feel a part of.  But for now, as their favorite evening activity involves chilling out in mama and daddy’s laps, dinners like these are a must!


What’s your favorite go-to dinner on busy nights?

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