little things i’m loving this week

If last week flew by, then this one moved at a glacial pace.  The husband has still been swamped at work, which has meant long, late nights and lots of working lunches.  Not my favorite, but such is life.

Thankfully, it’s finally Friday!  And also finally time for this weeks installment of the little things I’m loving this week.



First, I absolutely adore this post by Kacie on positive parenting.  Aside from a couple of personal sides to her story, I literally could have written it myself.  I’ll be the first one to get super gung ho about everyone being different, and I totally get that we all have different feelings about being a parent.  But, honestly it was just nice to hear from someone who feels almost exactly like I do.  Especially being a parent of twins, you wouldn’t believe the amount of negative comments that are said, even directly to my face.


Have you heard of this app?  There is a high possibility that I am the last one on the AnyList train, but it has changed my world.  Gone are the days of jotting down grocery items here and there and then running to the store with 6 scraps of paper, piecing them together to make sure everything is there.  I almost always have my phone nearby, so I can easily grab it and add to the list the second something pops into my mind.  And best of all, the husband and I can share a list, and it updates real time.  So, if I’m at the store and he thinks of something, he can add it and it will instantly pop up in front of me.  So easy and convenient!



I have a small obsession with Essie nail polish.  It’s honestly kind of scary.  But with two babies it’s not exactly every day that I can run and get a manicure (okay, I haven’t gone in over 7 months), so I figure I’m still saving money by buying polish and doing it myself.  For the last couple of months I’ve been really loving this orangey red.

Happy Friday!!  What little things are you loving this week?

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2 Responses to “little things i’m loving this week”

  1. debbie mccoy says:

    Loved this as all of them – especially enjoyed reading the blog link you referenced and want you to know that I think you did all of these things – embracing the positive before you every read her blog. It has been a wonderful adventure for us all – but I especially love how you and Jon love everything about Linc and Viv (note I didn’t say you like everything) but oh how you love it:) Love you


    candice Reply:

    Thanks Debbie – that is so sweet and means so much:) Love you too!


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