christmas in january

As you can tell from the last post, I am really backed up on the blog!  And even though it’s not super timely at this point, I will catch up if it kills me.





Like many of you I’m sure, we had about fourteen Christmases.  While it was crazy trying to get around to see everyone everywhere…it was such fun watching the twins experience it over and over.  And I especially loved seeing them encounter traditions from all different parts of our family.

Overall, my favorite moment was when we spent time, just the four of us, in our home with the tree shining and the fire on.  We let Linc and Viv open their gift from us – a piggy bank that we will save coins in throughout the year.  And every year at Christmas we’ll pick someone who could use a little help.  It won’t be much, but my hope is that it will be one way we can show the twins what it is to give.

IMG_7046 IMG_7056










 Around the second week of December, along with Jon’s brother, sister-in-law and nephew, we visited Jon’s parents.  Usually we make food and go caroling as we deliver it to friends around town.  But times are changing as the family is getting filled with babies, so we laid low this year, just relaxing around the house, eating lots of good food, playing games and opening gifts.













It wasn’t until the weekend after Christmas that we got to have one last celebration with my mom, step-dad and sister.  We even got to see my grandparents as they stopped by for a few hours.  It makes me so happy to see the twins with all their grandparents….they are lucky little babies.  We had such a great time just relaxing around the house and trying to figure out what in the world we did before the babies.
















And that’s a wrap on the holiday season.  Super busy…but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Obviously it’s sort of ridiculous that I’m posting this in the middle of January…such is life!


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a perfect pair

sooooo, i was just browsing through some old posts when I realized that I wrote about the twins’ first halloween, but i never posted it.  how does that happen??  anyway, so this is extremely random, but i’m posting it anyway….

halloween was the most fun this year that it has been since we were little kids all dressed up and on a sugar high. the twins of course had absolutely no idea what was going on, but they were such good sports anyway!  we debated and debated what they should be, but in the end we went with simple, somewhat homemade, and super cute.  get ready for photo overload.

i had a little mini photoshoot in the morning because linc and viv were wearing the halloween outfits their gramma and papa mccoy got them.  i’m telling ya – getting good photos of two babies this age is not easy!

but first we woke up in our halloween pajamas from aunt karen and grammy.

sissy is in a phase (or not) where her hands are constantly in her mouth.  and i really mean constantly.

then of course we changed into costumes later that night.

grandma mary stopped by and joined in the fun:)

even thought they didn’t get any candy this year, i think they still enjoyed their first halloween.  until the end, that is.  vivi might have hit her breaking point with the photoshoot by the end of the night.

during our college years, jon and i always dressed up as inanimate objects – a fork and spoon, iPods, and lamps.  wonder how many years we’ll be able to carry on the tradition through the babies before they start wanting to be action figures and princesses?

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last night’s dinner

As usual, last night’s dinner was quick and easy.  I had planned on making an asian tofu stir-fry, but when the husband came home and I asked him what he wanted, mexican was his genre of choice.  So, mexican it was.

I pan fried some onions and peppers in olive oil alongside a huge pile of collard greens and spinach.  Being constantly paranoid about my milk supply, I’m always willing to do anything (wives tale or not!) that I think might help mine increase.  Part of that includes eating oatmeal every morning, which has consequently taken the place of green smoothies.  Without my green smoothies my spinach consumption has dwindled to almost nothing, so I’ve been trying to get more in whenever possible.  I love pretty much any kind of cooked greens, so I figured why not just have them as a side?  Cooked in garlic infused olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, they were delicious!

As the veggies were cooking I heated up a can of black beans and refried beans as well as pulled out some shredded cheese and of course, Louisiana Hot Sauce (my current obsession).


And dinner was followed by our usual…

These Super Charge Me Cookies are the husband’s absolute favorite.  And I don’t mind keeping a stash in the cookie jar pretty much 24/7 because they’re really healthy and filling.  I’ve made them for friends who later claimed they were a favorite, and they even passed the test of my brother-in-law.  You should make them.  Like, right now.

I love spending time in the kitchen, and especially as the twins get older I really want to make cooking dinner a family activity that they can feel a part of.  But for now, as their favorite evening activity involves chilling out in mama and daddy’s laps, dinners like these are a must!


What’s your favorite go-to dinner on busy nights?

over the weekend

How do the weekends go by so fast?!  This morning as I was getting Viv ready to go down for her nap I couldn’t help but think how it seems as if I was just finished putting her down yesterday.  Same thing at night when I’m rocking them.  It never seems like another 24 hours really could have gone by.

Albeit fast, this weekend was also pretty epic in the McCoy household.  Jon and I each went out with friends on Saturday, the twins turned seven months old and tried solids for the first time, I started and finished a really great book, and Jon worked about a hundred hours.

We started out thinking that the husband was going to be heading out of town on a camping trip on Saturday, and my best friend was going to be hanging out with the twins and I.  But unfortunately some things blew up for Jon at work and aside from a quick lunch with the guys he was relegated to the house to work.

Which means instead of hanging at the house, this mama went out!  Let’s just say it was only the 2nd time I’ve worn a non-nursing bra since the twins were born.  I take the twins with me and do lots of lunches with friends, but it’s just so hard to peel myself away from the husband and babies on a weekend.  He and I both need to make it happen more often though because what is life without a little Saturday night fun with friends?


After a late night out, Sunday morning came so early.  We opted out of going to church.  With the twins getting older, bigger and louder we have come to a bit of an impasse.  With flu season so bad this year (and sickness in general) we’re not ready to take the twins to the nursery yet.  They have yet to be sick, and I’d like to keep it that way, especially since they haven’t had a flu shot, and they’re still so tiny.  So, we’ve been taking them with us to our Sunday school class, which has been very hit or miss.  Many times I have to leave with one of them, but this past week they both did great!  However, I overheard a comment made about someone being distracted by Linc, and while I don’t really feel like it was merited (he had barely made a peep!), I just feel so paranoid now.  There are obviously other options, like one of us staying home with them and the other going…and we might resort to that.  But I’d really like for our family to be together on Sunday mornings.

ANYWAY.  Sorry to get off on that tangent, but the point is that we didn’t go to church because we still don’t know what to do.  With our extra time home the husband made the most delicious chocolate chip scones out of Vegan with a Vengeance, and we decided to let the twins get their first taste of some real food!






I’d call the overall experience a successful failure.  Successful in that no one choked and at least they didn’t just spit it straight out.  Failure in that I’m not sure any food actually made it to their tummies.  I knew it might be slow going, so we’ll just keep trying!

With V and L having so many milestones this weekend, our camera got a LOT of action.





Happy Monday – we hope you had a really great weekend!

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the week in snapshots




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