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After Yesterday was a long, crazy day, but we finally made it to Denver.  We are in the mile high city celebrating Jon’s 30th birthday!  We don’t always take 4 day vacations to celebrate birthdays, but we were in serious need of a getaway to just spend time together and forget about work.  A necessary thing from time to time.

We planned our flight to leave later in the afternoon yesterday, so Jon could spend half a day at work and I could finish getting us packed and ready.  It takes a little extra planning now than it used to for two very specific reasons.



Our day of traveling couldn’t have gone better really.  The babies did amazing on the flight – getting it a short little nap and making friends with the people around us.  Once we landed, we picked up our rental car, and after having to turn around about 12 times to get on the right road, we were off!  It was fairly late and since the twins had had a long day, we picked up a pizza and headed to our hotel for baths, feeding and bed.





Since we had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep the night before, I was praying the twins would sleep well last night and I was so thankful when they did!  Funny enough, the hour time change didn’t even affect them at all – they woke up at their normal time even though it was really an hour later than usual.  How did that happen??  I’m trying not to question it.

When we travel with the twins, we try to strike a balance between keeping them on their normal routine and also being flexible so we can enjoy where we are!  So this morning we did our usual morning cuddling and feeding and then headed down for the free hotel breakfast.  I could get really used to Colorado – lots of veggie options and even soy milk!    After we ate we played around in the lobby downstairs for a bit and then headed back up for morning naps.










After they went down, we showered and got ready, so when they wake up we can head out for a day of exploring Denver.  Currently, they’re sleeping like the little angels that they are and the husband and I are watching Full House and blogging.  Two things perfect for this vacation – mindless TV and lounging around.

On the agenda for today – H&M, West Elm, staring at the mountains and snow (I can’t get enough!) and then hanging out with some friends who live her later tonight.

Colorado, you’ve been really good to us so far:)

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  1. What a fun little getaway! Ah, I have my eye on a farm table from West Elm for my future dining room ;-) Happy 30th to Jon!
    p.s. you knit hat is adorbs!!!!


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