the last two weeks in snapshots

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little things i’m loving this week

It has been such a fun week!  Busy, but full of family visits, spending time with friends and planning our upcoming trip.  And the weekend is shaping up to be more of the same!  There were so many things that made this week epic…



A visit from my grandpa and grandma.  The twins love seeing their great-grandparents, and oh my goodness their visit made me so happy:)


I know it sounds so cliche, but before we got pregnant I secretly kind of hoped for a girl.  And yes, it was because of all the fun bows and dresses I could put on her.  I know, I know.  Then when she came before we were expecting her, I only had a few bows ready to go on her head.   So, the last several months I’ve spent some time trying to play catch up, and I’ve had a really hard time finding ones I like.  In fact, I have yet to find an actual store that sells bows that I like, so I have bought all of hers off etsy.  And I just found my new favorite – Little Hip Squeaks.  I’m mildly obsessed, and so thankful to Amy for getting our new headbands here in a rush so we could have them for our pictures this weekend!


I first tried this fizzy drink about a year ago, and I wasn’t super crazy about it.  Fast forward to about a month ago, and I tried it hoping it would help me give up Coke Zero.  While I can’t say I’m not still drinking Coke, I definitely have cut down by keeping this stocked in the fridge. Love this stuff!

Happy happy Friday!  What little things have you been loving this week??

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