hello and goodbye, colorado

Since we came home from our little trip to Colorado, things have been so busy!  First Jon’s birthday, then getting the house/laundry/groceries back in order and now we’ve been fixing up a space for me in our office.  Just one thing after another….but I still wanted to wrap up our trip!

It was our first family vacation since the twins were born.  I was so proud of how well they did – they flew, they sat in their carseats for hours, they wore snowsuits pretty much 24/7, they missed most of their naps.  But they were still so happy and aside from a couple of bad moments in the car they hardly skipped a beat!

So many people acted like we were crazy to be taking the twins with us on our trip.  While we’re open to going on a trip just the two of us, it’s also really important to us to start making memories with our little family now.  The babies are only this age once, and we don’t want it to pass us by!  Were there moments when both babies were crying and Jon and I were nearly in tears as well?  Sure.  We had some lows.  But our highs were so precious that by the end that’s all you really remember.  Already our time away is such a special memory for me…I want to re-live it over and over.

After spending our first day in Denver, we headed to the mountains bright and early the next morning.  Our ultimate destination was Snowmass/Aspen, but we stopped for lunch and to see the sights in Breckenridge on the way.  My favorite part of all was all of our driving.  The scenery was unreal.





Denver was so quaint.  We hung around downtown at Happy Coffee and did a little exploring and shopping before heading out of town early the next morning.







Breckenridge was the first place we deemed the snowsuits necessary.  Viv was a happy girl because she hate being cold.  Linc on the other hand…





We had out first public baby food experiences.  They went okay:)




Finally arrived in Snowmass and checked into our hotel just as a massive snowstorm was hitting.  Thankfully, loads of snow changes absolutely nothing about the goings on around town.  The next day it was like nothing had happened.  OKC would have been shut down, lol.






Gloves aren’t made in size itty bitty.








We had the best time and just so much enjoyed getting out of time and spending time just the four of us.  It was bitterly cold, but oh so beautiful.  We had each other to keep warm:)




Oh Aspen -  it snowed the entire time we visited you, but you were beyond gorgeous.  Despite not being able to feel our faces, we reveled in your beauty. And of course took full advantage of your delicious and warm cafes.




We took a bus to and from Aspen, and the babies loved to watch out the windows.


On the way from Snowmass back to Denver, we decided to take the scenic route.  Ultimately, with two crying babies in the back for the last half hour and 400 rounds of “if you’re happy and you know it” which eventually lost all effect, we regretted this decision.  But it was fun while it lasted, and the views were the most beautiful we’d seen.  Pictures don’t begin to do it justice of course.



A little outside of Aspen, at the beginning of our roadtrip back to Denver, we stopped in at Whole Foods, which proved to be the perfect place for a beginning of roadtrip stop.  Conveniently, it was time for the babies to eat lunch, so we grabbed some organic baby food and made ourselves at home in the seating area, complete with highchairs and a beautiful view.  Just as I was about to put a spoonful of carrots into Viv’s mouth, I noticed a tiny glimmer of white, and upon further inspection discovered that she’d been hiding a tooth inside that tiny mouth.  It was one of the moments as a parent where you get this giddy feeling upon realizing that something unknown and exciting has happened in your baby’s life.  While I got teary eyed and covered her in kisses, she of course could have cared less and probably thought I was crazy.



No highchairs at the airport…time to improvise!



And back on the airplane we went after several delays and sitting on the runway for way too long, considering we have two babies to keep happy.  It was one of the situations where we planned meticulously, and then it all went out the window.  But overall they did amazing, and a couple of hours later we landed back in OKC, carrying with us everything we packed plus a shiny white tooth and cherished memories….and minus a sippy cup and battery charger (apparently).

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