My heart is feeling heavy with thankfulness and concern today.  My second cousin had twins recently, and one of them was born with a heart problem.  He’s a little over two months old now, and today he is having surgery to repair his heart.

I still remember the day I had to leave Linc and Viv in the NICU and come home for the night; it was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do.  They were healthy, had amazing nurses taking care of them, and even at home we were still only 15 minute away from them.  But I felt like my heart was being torn apart when I left the hospital that day.  Thinking about Caroline having to hand sweet little Everett over to the doctors for a 6 hour surgery today leaves me in tears.

She is so much stronger than I was, and it’s so inspiring the way she is trusting the Lord with Everett’s life.  I sit here writing this feeling overcome with gratefulness that my babies are sleeping safely in their cribs.

So many times life doesn’t seem fair, but I know God always has a plan, and I hope to become better and better at trusting Him.  No matter how difficult things become, He will carry us through.  Please say a prayer for Everett today.

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3 Responses to “praying”

  1. Praying for lil Everett


    candice Reply:

    Thanks so much, friend. Everett’s surgery went well, and he is recovering in ICU now:)


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