nights like these

Oh these nights

When I walk through the house and the smell of sweet potatoes and peaches fills the corners of every room

When I spend minutes picking up tiny tennis shoes, socks, hats…

When I glimpse a neatly stacked array of diapers, still warm from the dryer and waiting to be delivered to their room

When I stop to turn the heat up one more notch despite how warm I feel because their room just gets so cold

When the noise from the dishwasher makes it hard to hear as my pump parts are being cleaned for my late night pumping

When they are sleeping so soundly, breathing heavily, warm little bodies so tired out from the day.

Oh these nights.

If only they would never go away.


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One Response to “nights like these”

  1. amber says:

    it’s the little things that are so precious and fleeting.


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