baby boy is 10 months

You are just such a busy little man.  I have come to cherish the moments when I get to cuddle you – like when you’ve just woken from your nap or when it’s time to go to bed.  Sometimes at night I sneak into the nursery and snatch you out of bed just so I can hold you close and breathe you in.  Every other moment of the day you are climbing all over me or trying to escape so you can go explore!

- from mama’s letter to you



What you weigh – Apparently your weight chart got up and walked off the countertop…but I will find it, I will!

What you eat  – You’re still nursing the same amount minus the dream feed.  Although you’ve stretched out your schedule to be about 4 hours between feedings now, which means your before bed nursing is only about an hour and a half after your dinner feeding.  So, I think we’ll probably be dropping one of those soon!  You’re still eating great!  We’re eating 3 meals a day now, and you take it very seriously!    Some new foods we’ve tried this month are chickpeas, black beans, split peas, cottage cheese, peaches, mango, quinoa, and several others.  I think you’ve gotten a little more picky this month, and I’m finding it kind of hard to keep giving you variety.  You would eat cottage cheese and sweet potatoes for every meal if I’d let you!  Although, the last few weeks we’ve had a problem with you throwing up.  We haven’t been able to really connect it to anything specific, although my latest theory is that maybe it’s dairy?  You don’t always throw up after dairy, but it seems that every time you’ve thrown up cottage cheese was one of the foods you’d just had.  I’m not sure, but I hate it when it happens.  You throw up quite a bit, and I know it makes you feel bad.  But usually within minutes you’re back to yourself again, laughing and trying to crawl away.  We took you to the doctor and she said it may just be that you are a boy who will throw up randomly.  I really hope that’s not true, for your sake and mine!:)



Of course, you also love to eat the remote….among other things.


How you sleep –  You are an amazing little sleeper!  We just dropped your third nap, so now you take a morning nap from about 9:45 to about 11 or 11:30.  Then you take another one from about 2-3:30.  Since we dropped the third nap, we moved your bedtime up about 30 minutes, so now we start baths about 7ish, and you go to bed around 7:30.  Most mornings you sleep in until about 7:30 or 7:45.   Sometimes I think you might even sleep longer if your sister didn’t wake you up!  You’re still sleeping on your tummy, thumb in mouth and a light blanket on your back.



What you wear – You’re now wearing 6-9 month clothes, and sometimes I feel like you’re even outgrowing those!  All of your shoes are starting to seem small too, but technically you’re still in a size 2.

Diaper – Bum Genius Freetime with 2 snaps left open in the middle.  We now put a hemp insert in overnight and during your morning nap so that your diaper doesn’t leak.


Favorite activities –Crawling!! (army crawling that is), exploring the house, getting into Olive’s food and water bowls, playing with the door stop, getting into the fireplace and tea light stand, eating, standing up (with assistance), taking your bath, being tickled, reading books, laughing, singing “if you’re happy and you know it”


Least favorite activities – having your face cleaned, sitting still, we’ve found you’re afraid of the vacuum and drive through car washes (because of the noise)


Big moments in your tenth month of life – started crawling!,  stopped taking your third nap, started pulling up, started eating 3 meals

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One Response to “baby boy is 10 months”

  1. Cristen says:

    These photos of them are fantastic, seem to really capture their personalities. Ugh, yall just left but I already miss them so much! Oh, and you can add to the list of things they’re scared of: Aunt Cristen’s cough! :)

    I love you Linc and Viv!


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