baby girl is 10 months

While you are pretty strong willed and you know what you want, you are also so laid back.  You will sit all by yourself on the floor and just play for the longest time.  It’s so cute!  You are still such a tiny little thing, and that is the 2nd thing people always comment on about you, right behind how big, blue and beautiful your eyes are.  While I really want you to gain weight and be healthy of course, I also have to admit I love how perfectly tiny you are.  You are just so so cute and sweet.

- from mama’s letter to you



What you weigh – Your weight chart apparently got up and walked off the countertop – but I will find it…I will!

What you eat – Still nursing the same amount minus the dream feed.  Although you’ve stretched out your schedule to be about 4 hours between feedings now, which means your before bed nursing is only about an hour and a half after your dinner feeding.  So, I think we’ll probably be dropping one of those soon!  You’re eating habits change so much.  Some days I get worried because you literally will hardly eat anything.  Then the very next day you’ll eat great!  I would say most of the time you are definitely not a big fan of food in general.  You sort of act like it’s all just a big inconvenience, which is pretty funny but it also worries me because your weight gain hasn’t been great lately.  You are eating 3 meals a day now, so that may be why you’re eating less per meal as well.  Some new foods we’ve tried this month are chickpeas, black beans, split peas, cottage cheese, peaches, mango, quinoa, and several others.  You are still pretty picky, and your favorites are about the same – avocado with fruit and sweet potatoes.    You do like cottage cheese quite a bit too, but I try to limit it to just a little bit each day if that.  One other new development is that you have decided you don’t want to take a bottle anymore, which is not good.  I guess I got lazy and didn’t give them to you often enough, and now you just want nothing to do with them.  So, I guess we’ll continue to be connected at the hip until you stop nursing, which honestly is just fine with meJ  Let’s just hope I don’t have to leave you for any reason!



How you sleep – You are now sleeping from about 7:30 until about 7 – 7:30 am.  We just dropped your 3rd nap, so now you take one in the morning from about 9:45 to 11ish and one in the afternoon from about 2 until 3 or 3:30.  Honestly, your sleep has not been as great as it used to be.  You almost always wake up before Linc, and your naps have gotten increasingly shorter – sometimes only lasting about 40 minutes.  You still sleep great at night though, so I’m not complaining.  We are still swaddling you with one arm out.

What you wear – You wear 3-6 month clothes now, and we’ve expanded your shoe collection a bit as well.  Your feet are still so tiny, so shoes have to fit a certain way to get them to stay on your feet!



Diaper –  Bum Genius Freetime with two rows of snaps left open in the middle.

Favorite activities – playing peek-a-boo, playing with my earrings (and anyone else who is wearing any), chewing on things, taking baths, being tickled

IMG_0162  IMG_0155_2

Least favorite activities: having your face cleaned

Big moments in your 10th month of life –  more teeth – after getting your upper right one last month, you then got the upper left, the bottom middle right and now the upper right middle




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  1. Becky says:

    Such beautiful babies and such an adoring mommy. I feel your love to them in these posts. It sounds very familiar. Get ready – the love only deepens each day.


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