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These little babies are keeping me on my toes and busy more than ever before.  I love/hate that they are changing so much and doing so many new things, and so much of it I’m afraid I won’t remember even though I feel right now like I could never forget it.


There are so many joys to having two babies, and we’re experiencing them more every day as they get older.  When I hear them wake up from their nap, I always run to grab the monitor so I can sit for a few minutes and watch them.  Sitting up in their cribs, close enough to touch each other’s fingers through the slats, they laugh and laugh and laugh.  Then banter back and forth in their own little language before breaking out into giggles again.  Oh to know what stories they’re telling each other.

Linc is all boy all the time.  Climbing on everything with a fierce determination.  And so much energy!  For awhile now he has been stealing toys from his sister…if she has it, he wants it.  Sometimes she’ll just look at him and then turn away, busying herself with the next thing.  Oh, but sometimes.  Bubba you better look out.  Sometimes she is just not having it, which results either in her lunging after it or simply letting out her piercing cry.  The girl knows what she wants.  That’s all.


A couple of days ago, I put them in their highchairs while I was fixing dinner.  I want them to have a chance to practice picking up foods and feeding themselves, so I scattered some puffs on each of their trays.  In typical Lincoln fashion, he immediately grabs a fistful and starts playing with them, crushing them in his hand, wiping them all over his tray.  But thoughtful Viv, after several minutes, began to pick up one at a time and move it to her mouth.  With it in her fist, she was having a hard time transferring it to her mouth.  I could tell she knew what she was supposed to do with it because she would hold her first up to her mouth and then pull it away and make a chewing motion with her mouth, the puff still in her fist.  Silly girl.  After a little while of that, she finally figured out how to get it into her mouth, and then there was no holding her back.


Little sis has also started playing peek-a-boo.  Usually only when she’s in her highchair, she’ll cover her eyes with her hands, and then pull them away and wait for me to say “boo!” before breaking out into laughter.  Cutest. thing. ever.


One of the greatest joys of my life is watching them discover new things.  To sit back and just watch them play, seeing their minds working things out as they explore.  Definitely one of my favorite parts of parenthood.


There are days where I feel so exhausted, chasing after the two of them.  They truly do wear me out.  But I love taking care of them so much.  They’re my little people, and it just feels like taking care of them is exactly what I was designed to do.  Most days it doesn’t feel hard, even when I’m tired.  It just feels right.

I’m still nursing them both 4 times a day.  I always assumed I’d nurse them for a year, but as we inch closer and closer to their 1st birthday, it just seems crazy to think about no longer nursing them.  I can’t imagine it.  It’s not that parts of stopping don’t seem alluring, like being able to wear a normal bra or not always having to think about whether I can nurse in an outfit before I decide to buy or wear it.  But I’m just not ready, and I don’t think they are either.  So onward we go.   For how long nobody knows.



Praise the Lord for these two sweet little inquisitive people and all that they bring to our life.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for sharing your breastfeeding journey. It certainly was tough for you but you had such determination to make it work.:) I’m into my second month of breastfeeding now and also hope to breastfeed as long as I’m able to.


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