the party





Linc and Viv’s first birthday party went by so fast, I have trouble remembering if it actually happened!  May and June were crazy busy months for us with them turning 1 and the launch of Love Well.  We had been telling ourselves for months that their party was going to be super simple and not over the top, but the closer it got the more excited we became!  More ideas just kept popping into our heads, and while I still don’t think it was extravagant, it did end up taking quite a few naptimes and late late nights!  They only turn one once, though, and we really enjoyed everything we did to try and make their party special.







Anyway, because of how crazy the preceding weeks were and the fact that we left for vacation 3 days after it, I truly feel like it was all kind of a blur.  I remember this one, distinct moment when I walked their cakes over to them and everyone was singing – I stepped outside of myself and looked in.  I saw it all taking place – the two burning candles, our small living room overflowing with people who love our babies, the twins acting so nonchalant and unimpressed with the whole thing – and I burned the moment into my memory before the singing stopped and the chaos resumed.

It really was a great afternoon.  Family and friends loved on Linc and Viv.  We ate baked potatoes with all the toppings, corn on the cob and chips and dip.  We drank lemonade.  We opened presents and oohed and ahhed at the thoughtful gifts that were brought.









And we sang. For two little babies who blew our minds when they entered this world one year ago.  For the joy they have brought, the battles they’ve overcome, and how they’ve made our world a place we never even imagined it could be.






























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you are 1 year old, sweet Linc!



You are such a busy, busy boy these days.  You aren’t quite walking yet, but you are so close!  You pull up on everything and walk around everything you can.  You love to climb, whether it’s out of the bathtub or up on your toys.  You love to be tickled.  You’re an easy audience and you laugh at almost anything daddy does to get a smile out of you.  This past week you’ve started talking more and more.  It sounds like you know a foreign language!  You’ll wave you little hands in the air and point your little index finger and just talk and talk.  I would love to know what you’re thinking and saying!  You also are loving your sister more and more.  You’ve always loved her, but lately you two are interacting more and more.  When you wake up from your naps or in the morning, the two of you just sit and talk back and forth from your cribs.  You’ll pass blankets and lovies back and forth between each other.  It makes my heart explode to sit and watch you on the monitor.  I love seeing your relationship grow, and I know you two are going to cherish each other in the years to come.

- from mama’s letter to you




What you weigh – 17 lbs. 4.5 ounces – You got a great report from Dr. Sigler at your one year appointment.  For the first time ever you were on the chart for weight, coming in at 5%.  While we know the percentage doesn’t really matter – daddy and I are still so proud of how much you’ve grown!

What you eat
  – You are only nursing 4 times a day now…I hardly know what to do with myself! Ha!  You basically eat about every four hours on average now, usually around 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 7:30 before bed.  You only nurse for about 5 minutes each time, though, so I feel like we barely spend anytime nursing now!  I guess compared to how long you used to spend it is barely any time.  You are also still eating your 3 meals of course.  I’ve gotten a little more adventurous in what I make you, and you love pretty much every new meal.  Your favorite now is a roasted red pepper and goat cheese puree.  I also made you a mild Indian dish and you loved it too!  It’s fun to see you try new things, especially when you end up liking them!  We’ve made a lot of progress with finger foods in the last couple of weeks!  Your favorite is toast with goat cheese spread on it.  It’s the cutest thing ever to watch you feed yourself.  While you don’t get them super often, you also love puffs and baby mum mum crackers.  At your 1 year appointment, Dr. Sigler also asked us to start giving you milk with your meals.  We’ve started with Almond milk, and so far you really like it!  You’ve totally mastered the straw sippy cup, and you love to hold it yourself and drink out of it.





How you sleep –  you have been sleeping even longer than usual as of late.  You go to bed around 7:30 and don’t wake up until about 8 or 8:30.  Your daddy and I are so lucky that you are such a great sleeper!  You also take two naps, one from about 10:30 until 12 and another from about 2:30 to 4.

What you wear – You wear size 12 month clothes, although they’re a little bit big on you.  And your new sandals are size 2.




Diaper – Bum Genius Freetime with 3 snaps left open in the middle.  We put a Hemp insert in overnight and during your morning nap so that your diaper doesn’t leak.  We also moved up a snap on the verticle fit of the diaper too now!


these pics taken at Laguna Beach, California on your actual birthday





Favorite activities – Pulling up and standing, cruising around the couch…or whatever you can get your hands on, playing peek-a-boo, bathtime, eating, being tickled, riding in your wagon, playing in the sand and water at the beach, swinging, walking with help from mama and daddy

Least favorite activities – having your face cleaned, sitting still





Big moments in your twelfth month of life – started drinking milk, first trip to the beach/ocean

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you are 1 year old, sweet baby girl!


The day we brought you home life really started.  You have been such a good and easy baby.  It has brought your daddy and I so much joy to see you learn and grow over the course of this year.  We have so many great memories with you – so many days of cuddling you, playing with you, talking to you, feeding you, taking you on walks.  We’ve gone on trips to Dallas, Colorado, California, and shorter trips to Tulsa, Duncan, Harrah.  You saw the ocean for your first time and felt the sand in your toes on you first birthday last week.  And you absolutely loved it!  You weren’t too big a fan of the cold water, and you got a little mad when I let it rush up onto your legs.  Your happy place was sitting in the sand, enjoying the sun and breeze and sand toys around you.  You kept looking up at us from underneath the brim of your sun hat and just smiling this huge smile.   Seeing you experience new things has been one of the highlights of our year, and we can’t wait to see you experience so much more in the coming year. 

- from mama’s letter to you


at your birthday party, 4 days before your actual birthday









What you weigh – 15 lbs. 1 ounce  This month at your appointment with Dr. Signer, you were on the chart for the first time, coming in at 1%.  We’re so proud of you:)

What you eat – You are still nursing 4 times a day now, for about 5 minutes each time.    You’ve started waking up later and later, so now you usually eat around 8:30, 12:30, 4:30-5 and 7:30.  You are getting better and better at eating.  Anytime I put food up to your mouth you lean back and look down your nose at it to figure out exactly what it is I’m trying to put in before you will open.  Sometimes you’ll take it, sometimes you won’t.  But if it goes in your mouth, you eat it.  You’ve never spit anything out (knock on wood).  You are definitely eating a wider variety and are doing much better with solids.  Also, you’re feeding yourself much better now!  You love to practice with puffs.  Watching you pick up pieces and feed yourself is one of the cutest things ever.   Any kind of fruit is definitely at the top of your favorite foods list.  You also like beans, goat cheese and lots of vegetables. While you don’t get them super often, you also love puffs and baby mum mum crackers.  At your 1 year appointment, Dr. Sigler also asked us to start giving you milk with your meals.  We’ve started with Almond milk, and so far you really like it!  You’ve totally mastered the straw sippy cup, and you love to hold it yourself and drink out of it.  Your cup is one of your favorite things.


beach pictures are from your actual birthday

Laguna Beach, California



 How you sleep – you have been sleeping even longer than usual as of late.  You go to bed around 7:30 and don’t wake up until about 8 or 8:30.  Your daddy and I are so lucky that you are such a great sleeper!  You also take two naps, one from about 10:30 until 12 and another from about 2:30 to 4.  While in the past, you were a better sleeper than your brother, now it’s the opposite!  A couple of times a week we have to put you in the swing for your nap because you just can’t fall asleep, and also a couple of times a week, we have to go in and sneak you out of the nursery mid-nap and move you to the swing.  You are such a mess:)



What you wear – You are quickly growing out of size 3-6 and wearing more 6 month clothes along with a few 6-12 month.  Although, your birthday dress is a size 0-3.  Somethings just run big I think, and you are pretty tinyJ  We love you that way.  You are still perfectly in a size 1 shoe.

Diaper –  Bum Genius Freetime with two to three rows of snaps left open in the middle.




Favorite activities – drinking out of your cup, reading books, swinging, playing peek-a-boo, taking baths, being tickled, playing peek-a-boo

Least favorite activities: having your face cleaned, you aren’t super crazy about having your diaper changed.


Big moments in your twelth month of life –  More teeth!  Started pulling up, first trip to the beach, first trip to California, lowered your crip, started pulling up






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catching up and some changes…



The last couple of months have been absolutely insane!  Between the twins’ birthday party and turning one, a vacation to California and launching a new business, our life has been completely chaotic.  We’re finally back home and trying to get settled back into a routine, but pretty much everything is still disorganized and behind schedule.

So, this week is going to be all about getting things back in order, one thing at a time.  And today, I decided to start with the blog.  I recognize that my blog has really gone by the wayside in the past year.  While it has been super important to me to document Linc and Viv’s first year of life. blogging about food has definitely not been a priority.  Especially considering that eating well and exercising have unfortunately taken a bit of a backseat to everything else (i.e. 2 babies) for the past year.  And in all honestly, while I do want to bring back those things as a priority in my life, it will probably be awhile before blogging about them is a priority.

As I look back over my life since I started blogging (I started with a blog called Brand New Sidewalk), I have had so many changes take places.  I’ve started new jobs, left jobs, bought a house, sold a house, built a house, moved about ten times, been through challenges great than anything previous in my life, had babies…and many other things.  Through all of these things I have changed so much.  I’m still the same person, but as expected my interests have changed and different things have assumed priority in my life.  And I’m happy with that.  I’m more settled now than I’ve ever been, and I have such a peace about what I’m spending my time on and where my priorities are.

If you still stop by here, I’m sure you’ve noticed these changes.  And I’m sure there are many who don’t really stop by any more because of the changes, and I don’t blame you a bit.  Some blogs that I read, I read because the subject matter is pertinent to my life, some because I feel inspired by the author, and some because I feel like I’ve gotten to know the person behind the blog and regardless of what they’re writing about, I want to keep in touch.  So many of you have continued to read over the past year and a half, even as my content has ebbed and flowed.  And all of you over the last few years since I started ChiaSeedMe have been such an encouragement to me by reading and commenting, and I appreciate it so much!  My hope is that you will continue to follow along as more changes take place and the focus of this blog continues to shift because I would really love to stay connected.

I’ll be back with a few posts to catch up from the last couple of months as well as more news about the new direction of ChiaSeedMe and where I’m going from here.  For me, change is hard and it takes time to get used to, but ultimately it is good.  It keeps me on my toes and makes life interesting. With it I find that I push myself more to experience and accomplish new things, which is something I value highly in life.  So, I’ll see you soon and hopefully more in the coming weeks:)


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