guest post: 7 signs

With Candice at the lake with her mom and sister, I (jon) have been asked to take the reigns of CSM for a guest post.  I only have a minute, but let’s see how this goes…  I present to you…

7 Signs that Candice is not around the house:

  1. Olive spent all of last night standing in the living room, watching the front door wondering why she hasn’t come home yet.
  2. My run last night clocked a slower time ( she is a good motivator :) )
  3. This post will probably we laden with typos and grammatical issues
  4. Our neighbors didn’t wake to the ear-deafening sound of our blender making a green monster this morning!
  5. Not a yoga mat in sight
  6. Nor a camera… sorry no pics on this post, guys!
  7. I’m eating McDonald’s for lunch right now (I almost didn’t admit this – aren’t you glad I don’t have the camera?)

Candice is coming back tonight and I can’t wait!  The quality of blog posts is sure to return too :)

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