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crazy days

What a crazy day it was over here!  So many changes happening with these little babies…I can hardy keep up!

Sissy finally decided she’s tired of sitting around watching Bubba explore everything.  She’s been able to crawl for about a week now, but she just didn’t quite have the motivation to do it much.  But today she really took off!  All those people that stop me on the street and say “you’ve got your hands full” – they are finally speaking truth!  Nothing cuter than our tiny girl army crawling from one end of the house to the other:)


In other news, we had to lower Linc’s crib mattress today.  I laid him down for his morning nap, and he had a little trouble getting settled in.  I heard him cry, so I picked up the monitor, only to see him standing up at the side of his crib!  It took a split second for me to get over how freaking cute he looked, and then I raced in to make sure he didn’t fall out on his head.



The days are getting busier now that everyone is on the move…but at the same time they’re getting more and more fun.  I love seeing them learn new things; the look of surprise on their faces when they do something new is priceless.  The days go by so fast, and I don’t even have time to think about being tired.  But by the time night comes and everyone is finally in bed, I’m ready to collapse.  Nevermind all the chores and work that still   need to be done.

No one ever said having one baby was easy, much less having two.  But those two have my heart and everything is so worth it!  Even when the dog bowls get dumped for the millionth time;)

Mama loves you, Linc and Viv!!

Oh, and just because I cannot get enough of him in this oversized baseball cap:



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nights like these

Oh these nights

When I walk through the house and the smell of sweet potatoes and peaches fills the corners of every room

When I spend minutes picking up tiny tennis shoes, socks, hats…

When I glimpse a neatly stacked array of diapers, still warm from the dryer and waiting to be delivered to their room

When I stop to turn the heat up one more notch despite how warm I feel because their room just gets so cold

When the noise from the dishwasher makes it hard to hear as my pump parts are being cleaned for my late night pumping

When they are sleeping so soundly, breathing heavily, warm little bodies so tired out from the day.

Oh these nights.

If only they would never go away.


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little things i’m loving this week

It has been such a fun week!  Busy, but full of family visits, spending time with friends and planning our upcoming trip.  And the weekend is shaping up to be more of the same!  There were so many things that made this week epic…



A visit from my grandpa and grandma.  The twins love seeing their great-grandparents, and oh my goodness their visit made me so happy:)


I know it sounds so cliche, but before we got pregnant I secretly kind of hoped for a girl.  And yes, it was because of all the fun bows and dresses I could put on her.  I know, I know.  Then when she came before we were expecting her, I only had a few bows ready to go on her head.   So, the last several months I’ve spent some time trying to play catch up, and I’ve had a really hard time finding ones I like.  In fact, I have yet to find an actual store that sells bows that I like, so I have bought all of hers off etsy.  And I just found my new favorite – Little Hip Squeaks.  I’m mildly obsessed, and so thankful to Amy for getting our new headbands here in a rush so we could have them for our pictures this weekend!


I first tried this fizzy drink about a year ago, and I wasn’t super crazy about it.  Fast forward to about a month ago, and I tried it hoping it would help me give up Coke Zero.  While I can’t say I’m not still drinking Coke, I definitely have cut down by keeping this stocked in the fridge. Love this stuff!

Happy happy Friday!  What little things have you been loving this week??

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little things i’m loving this week

If last week flew by, then this one moved at a glacial pace.  The husband has still been swamped at work, which has meant long, late nights and lots of working lunches.  Not my favorite, but such is life.

Thankfully, it’s finally Friday!  And also finally time for this weeks installment of the little things I’m loving this week.



First, I absolutely adore this post by Kacie on positive parenting.  Aside from a couple of personal sides to her story, I literally could have written it myself.  I’ll be the first one to get super gung ho about everyone being different, and I totally get that we all have different feelings about being a parent.  But, honestly it was just nice to hear from someone who feels almost exactly like I do.  Especially being a parent of twins, you wouldn’t believe the amount of negative comments that are said, even directly to my face.


Have you heard of this app?  There is a high possibility that I am the last one on the AnyList train, but it has changed my world.  Gone are the days of jotting down grocery items here and there and then running to the store with 6 scraps of paper, piecing them together to make sure everything is there.  I almost always have my phone nearby, so I can easily grab it and add to the list the second something pops into my mind.  And best of all, the husband and I can share a list, and it updates real time.  So, if I’m at the store and he thinks of something, he can add it and it will instantly pop up in front of me.  So easy and convenient!



I have a small obsession with Essie nail polish.  It’s honestly kind of scary.  But with two babies it’s not exactly every day that I can run and get a manicure (okay, I haven’t gone in over 7 months), so I figure I’m still saving money by buying polish and doing it myself.  For the last couple of months I’ve been really loving this orangey red.

Happy Friday!!  What little things are you loving this week?

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little things i’m loving this week


You may have noticed in a post earlier this week a tiny little blue camera sitting on the shelf in our dining room.  When Jon and I were in Paris a couple of years ago, one of the souvenirs we picked up was this precious little camera, the Mini Diana.  We love her.

So yesterday I was making lunch, and I suddenly got the urge to play with her a little bit.  There were two pictures left.  Hmmmm, what might I be able to do with two pictures?

So I snapped the last couple and then went this afternoon to get the roll developed. Don’t you love developing film that’s been in your camera for ages and you have no idea what’s on it?  Such a fun surprise!

Sadly, this roll didn’t come out too spectacular, but I love the images all the same.

SCAN0002 - Version 2


SCAN0003 - Version 2


4th of July Parade 2011

SCAN0004 - Version 2

Japan Town, San Francisco, Spring 2012


Baker Beach, San Francisco 2012

SCAN0005 - Version 2

Breakfast in San Francisco


SCAN0006 - Version 2



SCAN0008 - Version 2

Concert in the park, July 15, 2012.  Our 6 year anniversary.


You can check out this post for more Diana pics from Paris.

What are you loving this week?

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