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Easter weekend


By far the best Easter I can remember in a long time, this weekend was full of family, food, and an absurd amount of time spent listening to our babies laugh (they love their grandparents, aunts and cousins).  On Saturday we packed up and headed to my mom and step-dad’s house where we hung out with them and my sister for the day.  We laid in the floor forever watching Linc and Viv soak in time with Grandma and Aunt Cristen.  It was a super relaxing day, and we topped it off with some mexican food for dinner and hanging out in the kitchen making food to take to my grandparent’s on Sunday.



It was a late night, and I didn’t sleep well once we finally went to bed.  But Sunday morning came early anyway, and it was hard to feel tired once we pulled the babies from their pack-n-plays and cuddled up in the big bed together.  Our family of four.


The babies were fed and they experienced their first Easter morning – baskets and all.  Of course their favorite part was the basket, the grass and the eggs.  They could have cared less about what was inside them.  Eventually they went down for a short nap before church while the rest of us bustled around getting ready for the service.  We joined my grandparents at their church, which doesn’t happen often enough.  A small, southern Baptist church with a hymnal at every seat, it felt like the perfect place to be on Easter morning.






I held my sweet baby girl while worshipping our Savior, and I was overcome with thankfulness for all that He has done for me.   I deserve death because of my sinfulness, and not only has He given me life, but also two precious babies, a husband who fits me perfectly and family all around.  I couldn’t ask for more.





Sunday was a beautiful day, and we spent the afternoon at my grandparent’s house.  A fantastic lunch was had before we gathered around the house catching up…then an epic egg hunt planned by my mom and sister later in the afternoon.  Unfortunately for Vivian, she got paired with her mama, who ended up only snagging two eggs the entire time.  Next year somebody remind that girl to avoid her mama when it comes to egg hunting time.















All in all, this Easter will go down in the books not only as the twins’ first, but also as the one where I stood in my grandma and grandpa’s kitchen and got all choked up over His awe inspiring love.  I see it now in a different way than I used to.  Not a better way, just different.  The life He has given is so so good.

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over the weekend


While our tiny girl loves her stroller, she doesn’t necessarily love it when it’s cold outside.  The husband and I took the babies on a mini tour of downtown OKC Sunday afternoon.  By the time we were headed back to the car, me with a cranky Vivi in my arms, him with a cranky Linc bundled in the stroller we recognized that we might shouldn’t have ventured quite so far away.  Once that sun starts drifting downward, it gets cold quick!

But even in moments when I question decisions we make or things we do with the babies (okay, let’s face it, that would be most moments), I always come back to the idea that I want our babies to know adventure.  I want them to feel the coldness on their little fingers and see the sun streaming through downtown buildings as it sets.  I want Vivian to feel exhilarated as she grips my jacket, bouncing against my chest as I cuddle her and run through the downtown streets.  That’s the life I want for them, and we’re trying to build it for them one moment at a time.



I often find myself hyper-analyzing the things we do, whether it involves the babies or not.  When we decided to move to Thailand 6 years ago, I analyzed everything from the impact on our careers to finances.  And while Jon might be further along in his career, and we probably would have more money if we had stayed here, I would do it one hundred times over again because it impacted the story of our life in the most amazing way.  I try to remember that in all the little decisions we make.


Friday night my little cousin had a basketball game and our sunday school class was getting together a little later.  I was so nervous about going to both things because the babies would be missing their last nap and bedtime.  I didn’t know how they would react and if it would affect their nighttime sleep, etc. etc.  But I realized that I don’t give our little ones nearly enough credit.  They were so good, and even though there were a couple of brief instances where we had a pretty unhappy little Linc and Viv, seeing them being held and loved on by their aunt and cousin, grandmas, grandpas and church friends was worth so much.



We try to stick to a regular routine most days, and it works for us.  Because we do that most of the time, I think it gives us more freedom to veer from it as well.  And we are always able to jump right back in.  But I do believe it’s when we wander away for a bit that we create the kind of memories that never ever fade.

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over the weekend

This post always seems to come a day late…Mondays are always just extra busy.

Friday night was my favorite kind of start to the weekend.  When Jon got off work we packed up the babies and headed out for dinner.  After a short drive/discussion, we found ourselves at Big Truck Tacos, one of our favorite local mexican spots.  It was the babies first time inside, and they did so well.  Not that I expected any different.




Saturday we hit up a couple of shops looking for something to put the twins in for their 7 month pictures this coming weekend.  We didn’t have any luck, but we did get hit in the parking lot.  Total fail all around.  Thankfully, the damage was minimal, and no one was hurt.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home just hanging out.  Sunday morning while the babies were sleeping, we caught up on the Bible in a year plan we’re working on, which entailed reading the entire book of Job.  We took turns, chapter by chapter, and by the end my throat was all scratchy.  I hadn’t read Job all the way through since college, and I really enjoyed it.  I actually think I absorbed it a lot more reading it in one sitting rather than breaking it up. We saw more drama in that book than all weekend watching Parenthood.  And that’s saying a lot!


Linc and Viv finally started solids this past week, and so far it has been an adventure!  I’ll write more about it in the next week or so…but for now I’ll say it’s been one of the most fun things I’ve done with them.  One of my favorite parts of the day now!











Why, oh why can’t weekends last forever?



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over the weekend

How do the weekends go by so fast?!  This morning as I was getting Viv ready to go down for her nap I couldn’t help but think how it seems as if I was just finished putting her down yesterday.  Same thing at night when I’m rocking them.  It never seems like another 24 hours really could have gone by.

Albeit fast, this weekend was also pretty epic in the McCoy household.  Jon and I each went out with friends on Saturday, the twins turned seven months old and tried solids for the first time, I started and finished a really great book, and Jon worked about a hundred hours.

We started out thinking that the husband was going to be heading out of town on a camping trip on Saturday, and my best friend was going to be hanging out with the twins and I.  But unfortunately some things blew up for Jon at work and aside from a quick lunch with the guys he was relegated to the house to work.

Which means instead of hanging at the house, this mama went out!  Let’s just say it was only the 2nd time I’ve worn a non-nursing bra since the twins were born.  I take the twins with me and do lots of lunches with friends, but it’s just so hard to peel myself away from the husband and babies on a weekend.  He and I both need to make it happen more often though because what is life without a little Saturday night fun with friends?


After a late night out, Sunday morning came so early.  We opted out of going to church.  With the twins getting older, bigger and louder we have come to a bit of an impasse.  With flu season so bad this year (and sickness in general) we’re not ready to take the twins to the nursery yet.  They have yet to be sick, and I’d like to keep it that way, especially since they haven’t had a flu shot, and they’re still so tiny.  So, we’ve been taking them with us to our Sunday school class, which has been very hit or miss.  Many times I have to leave with one of them, but this past week they both did great!  However, I overheard a comment made about someone being distracted by Linc, and while I don’t really feel like it was merited (he had barely made a peep!), I just feel so paranoid now.  There are obviously other options, like one of us staying home with them and the other going…and we might resort to that.  But I’d really like for our family to be together on Sunday mornings.

ANYWAY.  Sorry to get off on that tangent, but the point is that we didn’t go to church because we still don’t know what to do.  With our extra time home the husband made the most delicious chocolate chip scones out of Vegan with a Vengeance, and we decided to let the twins get their first taste of some real food!






I’d call the overall experience a successful failure.  Successful in that no one choked and at least they didn’t just spit it straight out.  Failure in that I’m not sure any food actually made it to their tummies.  I knew it might be slow going, so we’ll just keep trying!

With V and L having so many milestones this weekend, our camera got a LOT of action.





Happy Monday – we hope you had a really great weekend!

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over the weekend…

This weekend was pretty low key.  We spent a lot of time around the house trying to avoid the flu…and so far it seems to have worked.


Staying around the house does have its perks though.  We managed to clean out our closet, which was way overdue and decorate our dining room wall.  We have a very simplistic style, and I have a huge aversion to too much “stuff.”  If something seems cluttered in the least it drives me crazy, and I’m more likely to have a completely blank wall than one with lots of different things adorning it.  That combined with the fact that I tend to be indecisive means that we have a lot of bare walls in our house.  The following quote totally resonates with me -

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.  ~William Morris

But it is nice and homey to have some pictures of the twins and things we love around the house.  Gotta find a happy medium:)


 Anyway, so literally that was the weekend.  Wouldn’t have sounded exciting to my 20 year old self…but it was really quite nice.

I’m trying to finish up the last part of my birth story now that the twins are 6 months old.  For some reason it’s hard for me to sit down and get started on those types of posts, but once I do it all comes pouring out. You can read part I, part II and part III if you haven’t already, and hopefully part IV will be up tomorrow!

 How was your weekend?

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