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a week with aunt cristen

So, I wrote this post 2 weeks ago and never hit publish!  Better late than never…

What a great week it’s been!  Not only did we have two different playdates with friends, but my sister stayed with us for a few days.  When she’s here it feels like we have a live in nanny of sorts, and there are so many times where I stop and wonder how I usually do it by myself.  I guess it’s just one of those things because on a daily basis it doesn’t seem hard.



It was so nice having her here though.  We spent one day just hanging out around the house and then on Wednesday we went to the zoo.  It was the perfect day to be outside, and the twins enjoyed hanging out with their Aunt Cristen so much.  Linc has been especially smiley lately…everything is funny.






We’ve got a big weekend ahead with a birthday party for my father-in-law that we’re hosting.  I’m really looking forward to it, but there’s so much to do first.  For starters could the cleaning fairy please make a stop by here tomorrow?



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day in the life

So, I’ve been wanting to do a post for awhile about what our typical day looks like for awhile.  The last eight months seem like such a blur when I look back, and I wish I had done a post like this periodically just so I’d be able to remember what life was like when the twins were 2 months, 3 months, 5 months etc.  Anyway, here we go!

7:00 am: Linc and Viv wake up and babble to each other and roll around in their crib for a half hour or so.

7:30 am: Jon and I head into the nursery for the best part of the day.  When the babies see us they start flapping their arms and smiling, so excited that we’ve finally come in to rescue them.  We snuggle for a few minutes, change diapers and head into the living room for them to nurse.  Jon leaves for work soon after.  When they finish nursing, we go into our bedroom and the babies lay on our bed and play while I pump.  I get such a small amount of milk when I pump at this time (only about 5-10 mls), but it’s about all the extra milk I ever get, so we use it to dilute their vitamins at night.  After I pump, the babies and I play on our bed and cuddle for a little bit.



8:15 am:  I move the twins to the living room floor to play with toys while I make tea and scurry around doing a few morning chores -  unload the dishwasher, move the diapers to the dryer, make the bed, pick up the house etc.



8:45 am:  We read books and get ready to go down for their morning nap.


9:15 am:  I put the babies down for their nap.  Once they’re down, I use this time to get as much done as possible, such as workout, fold diapers, make baby wipes, do laundry, write a blog post, shower and get ready, eat breakfast and anything else that pops up.  Their morning nap is usually the longest, lasting around an hour and a half to two hours. Many times one baby will wake up early, so I try to have the non negotiable things done (shower, baby wipes) first so I can relax and have one-on-one time with that baby.    Early naptime wake-ups are really the only alone time I get with each baby, so I try and take advantage of it!

10:45/11 am:  Babies wake up, and I change and nurse them.

11:15 am:  Time to eat!  I strip them down to their diapers and move them to their high chairs where they play with kitchen utensils while I fix their lunch.  These days they usually have either yogurt or avocado, a vegetable (sweet potato, green beans, squash etc.)  and a little bit of fruit. Sometimes I’ll add in a grain like barley or brown rice or some spices.




12 pm:  They get moved back to their playmat on the floor while I clean up the kitchen.  If Jon is coming home for lunch, I’ll fix our lunch right away.  If not, I usually wait and eat once they go down for their next nap.  If daddy isn’t home, we play with toys, read books and I get them dressed for the day.


 12:30 pm:  Nap #2!  Babies sleep for about an hour and fifteen minutes.  If Jon’s home, we hang out (yay!).  If not, I get done anything I didn’t accomplish that morning or I work on whatever project I currently have going on.  Right now it’s a renovation of our office closet (turning it into a mini office for me!) or an outfit I’m sewing for V.

1:45 pm:  Babies wake up.  Diapers get changed.  Nurse.

2:15 pm:  If we are going to have an outing, this is the time we usually go.  Often it includes going for a walk if the weather is nice or running errands.  I absolutely cannot wait until the weather warms up so we can do more things outside.  We all get so stir crazy on days we don’t get out at all!  If we don’t go anywhere at this point, we usually go play in the nursery for awhile.


3:30/3:45 pm:  If we are home, the babies go down for nap #3!  Usually by this point we’ve made a fairly significant mess of the house, so I clean up.  I also do any prep work I can for dinner, work on laundry, organizing, blog, projects etc.

4:45 pm:  Change diapers and nurse!

5:30 pm:  Daddy comes home!  One of us feeds dinner to the babies while the other works on dinner for us.  We play, we eat, sometime we run errands, go for a walk.  Just hang out and catch up from the day.


7:30 pm:  Bathtime.  Even though “they” say you don’t need to, we do baths every night.  We’ve done this for quite some time now.  In the beginning it helped a lot with nighttime routine and getting the babies into sleep mode.  We’re still doing it now because it’s one of our favorite parts of the day!  The babies love to splash around, and they are so darn cute doing it:)  We’ve now graduated to bath toys and sitting up for the first part, which is even cuter if that’s possible.    After baths, we do lotion, pajamas, nurse and vitamins.


8:15/8:30:  Bedtime!  We cuddle, rock and sometimes sing, but when it comes down to it they go down awake.  We’ve spent a lot of time working on laying them in bed drowsy but awake and teaching them to put themselves to sleep.  After a lot of patience on our part and theirs, they are pro sleepers!  Literally amazing:)

8:30/8:45 pm:  Now we pick up the house, start a load of diapers and load the dishwasher and start it.  After all that is done, one of my other favorite parts of the day begins…adult time.  As much as I adore our sweet babies, it’s so nice to have this time at night when they are in bed for the night, and we can work on stuff together or just relax and watch a TV show…whatever we want.  I often use this time to make batches of baby food as well.

10:30 pm:  Dream feed.  Jon lifts the babies out of bed for me so he can get a few cuddles in, and then I feed them one at a time before slipping them back in bed.  They don’t even wake up.  It’s past time to wean them off this feeding, but we just haven’t done it yet.  Part of it is sheer laziness.  Part of it is that I’m a big baby, and I love having that time with them.  We finally started this week to try and wean them.  Hopefully it won’t be too hard!

Midnight:  Bed!  I usually go to sleep by midnight, sometimes a little later.  More often than not, Jon has to stay up and work a little longer on Outbox.  I don’t know how he does it.  If I go to bed much later than midnight, I really feel it the whole next day.  It’s not pretty;)

So that’s it!  Our days look pretty similar most the time.  Until the babies enter a new stage, and then everything will change again.  Until then I am absolutely loving this phase of life.



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hello, colorado

After Yesterday was a long, crazy day, but we finally made it to Denver.  We are in the mile high city celebrating Jon’s 30th birthday!  We don’t always take 4 day vacations to celebrate birthdays, but we were in serious need of a getaway to just spend time together and forget about work.  A necessary thing from time to time.

We planned our flight to leave later in the afternoon yesterday, so Jon could spend half a day at work and I could finish getting us packed and ready.  It takes a little extra planning now than it used to for two very specific reasons.



Our day of traveling couldn’t have gone better really.  The babies did amazing on the flight – getting it a short little nap and making friends with the people around us.  Once we landed, we picked up our rental car, and after having to turn around about 12 times to get on the right road, we were off!  It was fairly late and since the twins had had a long day, we picked up a pizza and headed to our hotel for baths, feeding and bed.





Since we had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep the night before, I was praying the twins would sleep well last night and I was so thankful when they did!  Funny enough, the hour time change didn’t even affect them at all – they woke up at their normal time even though it was really an hour later than usual.  How did that happen??  I’m trying not to question it.

When we travel with the twins, we try to strike a balance between keeping them on their normal routine and also being flexible so we can enjoy where we are!  So this morning we did our usual morning cuddling and feeding and then headed down for the free hotel breakfast.  I could get really used to Colorado – lots of veggie options and even soy milk!    After we ate we played around in the lobby downstairs for a bit and then headed back up for morning naps.










After they went down, we showered and got ready, so when they wake up we can head out for a day of exploring Denver.  Currently, they’re sleeping like the little angels that they are and the husband and I are watching Full House and blogging.  Two things perfect for this vacation – mindless TV and lounging around.

On the agenda for today – H&M, West Elm, staring at the mountains and snow (I can’t get enough!) and then hanging out with some friends who live her later tonight.

Colorado, you’ve been really good to us so far:)

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the week in snapshots

collage1 collage2 collage3 collage4


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happy 6 months sweet viv

I cannot believe it has already been six months since you were born.  All day I’ve been intent on celebrating you and your bubba, but I’m fighting this sadness that threatens to take over.   The sadness of you growing up and not being my sweet, tiny little baby anymore.  I know life is only going to get better as I get to know you better and better and as you grow and learn, but it is so hard to feel like time is flying by so fast, and there’s nothing I can do to slow it down.  Every time I rock you to sleep or just hold and cuddle you I wish more than anything that there was a pause button where I could freeze time and hold you forever.  But I know that’s not possible and it’s not what God intended.  And I truly am excited about each new stage you are going to go through.  Life is so good with you in it, baby girl.

- from mama’s letter to you

What you weigh – 10 lbs. 1 oz.

What you eat – Nothing has really changed since last month.  You are still nursing full-time.  And while I still have feedings where I worry about how much you’re eating, I feel like we’ve really hit a stride.  Life is just easy now, and we’ve really settled into our new normal.  Guess we better get ready for things to change soon, haha!
How you sleep – You’re still our little sleeper!  Many of your naps are as long as 2.5 hours, and most are at least an hour and a half.  We hit a huge milestone this past week, and you are no longer getting swaddled for naps!  You sleep on your tummy with a blanket over your back, and you seem to really love it.  I don’t know if it was just coincidence but when we started sleeping you that way, your naps got even longer.  And I have to say, one of my absolute favorite moments of the day is when I go in and get you up from your nap.  I love picking you up off your tummy and cuddling you before I change your diaper.
What you wear – You’re still wearing 0-3 months.  I’ve started buying you 3-6 now to last you through the end of winter, but it’s all pretty big on you.
Diaper – Still on the tightest snap of Bum Genius Freetime, and we’re still loving them!
Favorite activities – bath time, laying on your towel after getting out of the bath – you don’t like to be swaddled up in the towel.  For the longest time we thought you were fussing after coming out of the bath because you were cold, but then we discovered you just don’t want the towel wrapped around you!  Facing out where you can see everything, listening to tape being pulled, laying in bed and talking in the morning, sleeping

Least favorite activities:  getting burped, laying down on your back, being wrapped up in a towel after your bath
Big moments in your sixth month of life –Visited Great Grandma Barbara’s and Grandpa George’s just for fun – helped Grandpa make peanut brittle, visited your great great great Aunt Jean and Uncle Ollie, first trip to Duncan for your first Christmas celebration, found your voice, started grabbing your feet

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